Pickles and How The PC Police Runs Rough Shod Over America

First off let me say that calling a black person a nigger if you don’t know them and know that they would take offense to it is of course wrong.  I’ve greeted one of my closest friends, a black man that was an usher in my wedding and I in his and had traveled around the country  extensively "My Nigger"  as a greeting and we would laugh but you would have to be stupid to say it to someone you don’t know would take offense to it.  When I greet my black friend "My nigger" it is honestly meant as a term of endearment. 

That being said, I think the reason that the PC police is running amok is because so many small businesses have been squashed out of existence and so many more people work for  "the man"  whether it be the huge government, or a large corporation, or a school system, or the military, or a super large company with human resource departments and all.  So when something like a woman creating a huge ruckus over the term midget gets brought up, the only people you hear from are the  politically correct crowd because the people who might know it’s silly don’t want to lift up their heads and speak out because they are afraid that it might cost them their job. 

So these PC police, just like the feminazis and the eco terrorists are really the bullies in my opinion, suppressing people through fear and intimidation. image

Midget in the dictionary –
[mij-it] Show IPA
(not in technical use) an extremely small person having normal physical proportions.
any animal or thing that is very small for its kind.
very small or of a class below the usual size.
being a miniature replica or model.
1850–55; midge + -et

Related forms
midg·et·ism, noun

1. See dwarf.

No where in the dictionary do they mention it as a negative connotation.  When we grew up there was never a negative connotation associated with it.  A small person that was under 4 feet tall when they got older was a midget.

But now you have the PC police striking fear into  pickle companies because the PC police goes on a power trip and a classic staple in every household, the midget pickle gets renamed only because it is easier to just change the name that face the PC backlash. 
Because in the board room at Vlasic Pickles you have a bunch of people sitting around and the subject comes up-

Corporate guy leading the meeting at Vlasic-
“We got this lady who is upset because suddenly what we’ve been calling all these years, the Midget Pickle she finds offensive to her midget child.” 
Then they say
”How do you all feel about this?”

And it’s at that very point where all the decision makers in the room’s assholes pucker up in fear. 

Because they know as silly as it sounds to change the name of the classic midget pickle after decades of pumping out gazillions of jars of midget pickles, that not one of them is gonna go on record as to saying that they should just keep on with the classic midget pickle brand name that they’ve always had and never intended to be a slight because they don’t want it on record when the PC police make an even bigger stink about it as being their idea, voiced in that room, to keep the name the same.

So Vlasic issues a statement saying they will change the name, lose the brand that they’ve built up for years, burn all the packaging that they’ve already contracted out and paid for which was printed with the name “midget pickles” because some broad had a hair across her ass and some more of her PC buddies had a hair across their ass and they picked up momentum and what media outlet doesn’t like to report on the absurdities of these PC police and the conflicts that they create, and there you have it.  No more classic midget pickles for Vlasic. 


Censorship.  Welcome to America baby.  Watch your tongue. 


  • Joey, you are correct, the PC police are destroying our American culture. I stick it right back in their faces and refuse to submit to such crap. I heard on the radio yesterday that now the mentally retarded (a phrase which accurately describes a cognitive condition) are now to be referred to as “intellectually challenged”. Let me state right here, the “intellectually challenged”, and I work with a few, are the ignorant and uninformed. They don’t read the news, they pay no attention to local or world affairs. They are in general, clueless and I wish they’d stop voting and reproducing. They are likely supporters of the PC movement as well.

    Oh, and Midgets rule.


  • Of course, I am offended.


  • You can call it being PC, or you can call it simply being sensitive to others’ feelings. Instead of considering whether something is PC or not, just consider the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you have two words to describe a person or a situation, why not choose the one less likely to hurt people? Does it really take that much effort?


    • Golden Rule is absolutely correct but legislating and turning our whole nation into a bunch of whiny pussies with no backbone that get offended at everything is a whole different story.
      Much like the handing out of participation certificates to everyone on a team and doing away with MVP awards because someone may get their feelings hurt because they didn’t get an award. How about not trying to strip away incentives to work harder and get better instead of giving awards for simply showing up.
      We’re going soft and it’s these pc people that are making our kids so freaking soft.

      Remember the hanging rope in gym class?


  • It all comes back to what is reasonable and that is a moving target that we are going to disagree with around the edges. Is it reasonable for a mother to devote a ton of time to get a pickle company to change the name of product, no. Her time would probably be better spent with other endeavors. Is is reasonable to think that the “PC police” hold all the power in this world, nope.


  • Also, I want to clarify that your initial post was completely reasonable. There is NOTHING wrong with asking the question, “when did this word become offensive because it seems like a clearer way to describe a person” (paraphrasing). I think I over-reacted in some of my replies because I had JUST heard someone having the same conversation but saying things like “I don’t care what they want to be called, I’ll call them ‘kick-ables’ if I want to.” and that pissed me off. I still believe that that if you are seriously asking a question, you should be prepared to hear that people disagree with you. Sometimes we need to question things that we always thought were correct.


  • I’m with you on the participation ribbon thing. As I always say, if it weren’t for low self esteem, I would never have tried to get better!


  • but they said the word “sweet” in front of it doesnt that count for something 🙂


  • So what are they going to call the pickles? Sweet Size-challengeds?


  • “PC police, just like the feminazis and the eco terrorists.” If this is the best you can do describing folks with whom you disagree, then I don’t think you are in the best position to comment about civil discourse.


  • An absolutely disgraceful attempt at justifying some sorrowful choices. Do you think that just because YOU do it, it must be okay. Sorry, sad and disappointing attempt to demonstrate your superior (ha, ha!) intellect. You should know better.


  • Changing the name of a pickle in order to be politically correct?! Someone has way too much time on their hands, & is beyond thin-skinned. There are far more serious things, in both the PC & non-PC peoples’ world, to get seriously concerned about — other than a cute little pickle.
    As for the pickle exec’s & their capitulation, it’s the Peter Principle in action: Many people in executive positions rise to their personal level of incompetence. A prime of a pickle example!
    What’s next?! If you think about it, this could be just the tip of the iceberg, in the world of the PC folks.
    All I can say is: Really?!?


  • There any way I can just view stuff that has to do with Gloucester? I don’t mean stop posting this stuff, you keep doing whatever it is you’re doing Joey, but is there some tag that will just show me the Gloucester stuff?


  • “whiny pussies ” You are a pig. What a disgusting and offensive riff. You’ve just RUINED Good Morning Gloucester for me.


  • I completely agree with Joey’s comment about raising a nation of “whiny pussies”. We spend way too much time worrying about being PC and making sure no one is offended. We can’t continue giving kids participation awards because they grow up, they go to work, and they don’t understand why their bosses aren’t doing the same thing!

    Back to pickles – in workplace investigations we always determine what a “reasonable person” would find offensive or acceptable. Would a reasonable person be offended by a midget pickle? I truly doubt it.

    Stand up for what you believe in for sure, but choose wisely. If you share your opinions, and people look at you like you’re crazy, you probably are. Suck it up and find a new cause to pursue.


  • So crazy, with so many mean names out there, the problems in the world, the PC police are worried about midget, they need to get over themselves. People have called me veritcally challenged, never be mean and always be kind.


  • Funny what gets people stirred up. I’m more than a little disturbed by the photo in the Flickr feed that has been there for days. What a good friend.


  • dwarfs and little people are upset and rightly so. in the interest of political correctness, Classic Pickles has renamed their sweet midget gherkin pickles to be “Little People Pickles.”

    press release here: http://classicpickles.com/


  • Martin Del Vecchio

    Joey, I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am by this post.

    I recommend that the next time you are alone with this friend, you sincerely ask him how he REALLY feels about your casual use of what is quite possibly the ugliest word in the English language.

    Then you might ask him how his family and African-American friends feel about your casual use of this word.

    And then you might ask your non-African-American friends how they feel about your casual use of this word.

    You didn’t ask me, but I will tell you how I feel about your casual use of this word. I find it horrendously offensive, and hope that you never use it again in any context.


    • That comment was between me and a man I consider a brother. I abhor the use of it in a denigrating way and it makes me cringe when I hear it used that way.

      His warm hug after saying it tells me all I needed to know. I don’t use the word casually around black men I don’t know well enough to know they know that I’m about as far from a bigot as you could be.


      • Martin Del Vecchio

        “and it makes me cringe when I hear it used that way.”

        It makes me cringe when I hear it used in ANY way.

        Joey, I don’t believe you are a bigot. But your use of one of a bigot’s weapon, even in jest, even with your friend’s tacit permission, is offensive to so many people.

        Thanks for responding.


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