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Massachusetts Cultural Council Takes Over Downtown Gloucester- Photos At Fred Bodin’s Gallery With More To Come

The Mass Cultural Council came to G-Town to listen to and observe what makes Gloucester so special.  There are no other towns that have more than one Cultural District.  Gloucester already has Rocky Neck.  If approved for Downtown Gloucester, Gloucester would stand as the only City with more than one Massachusetts Cultural District.

When sitting in the room and listening to the distinguished assembly of community people that showed up it was obvious about 10 minutes in that honestly Gloucester deserves this in spades.  There is no where anywhere that is as culturally diverse, enriched and vibrant as our community.

All the people had to do was speak the truth.  It wasn’t about selling Downtown Gloucester.  Downtown Gloucester, it’s merchants, it’s artists, its community and artistic organizations sell itself.

You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see it and I can assure you the representatives of the Mass Cultural Council that visited, Anita Walker, Meri Jenkins, Kylie Sullivan and Maren Brown are anything but deaf dumb and blind.


Huge thanks to the Downtown GloucesterCultural District Steering Committee Catherine Ryan, Lise Breen, Judith Hoglander, Robert Whitmarsh, Anne Robinson, Ronda Faloon, Maggie Rosa and David Rhinelander for laying so much of the groundwork to make this meeting possible and also to Fred Bodin for hosting this momentous event at his Bodin Historic Photo Gallery.


Melissa I love my new scarf.  You rock!




Bob Lindberg Joanie on The Ponie Update

Joey: I did write to congressman and suggested a re-dedication of the statue . I will include his response.

Also I did find some additional information on Anna Hyatt Huntington the scupltress.Anna was born in Cambridge which was our second home also !  See

If some want to see more of her work in a breathtaking location, some of the GMG readers may appreciate especially learning about  her beautiful garden in South Carolina – BROOKGREEN GARDEN/zoo in Myrtle Beach area  and for some images-
What a treasure we have in Joanie.
Regards Bob Lindberg

diana of the chase

Live from Harbor Cove Dental

Great show and tell going on now at 123 Main St. Gloucester. Wonderful food and beverages and a great staff on hand to greet you until 8:00 PM. Stop on by and say Hi.

The Writer’s Block

tales of bong tree island cover

If you’re looking for some fascinating tv viewing at 8:00 tonight, tune in to John Ronan’s The Writer’s Block on CATV Channel 12 for an interview with your’s truly about my book Tales of Bong Tree Island.  If you miss it tonight, it will air again on the 28th at 8:00.

E.J. Lefavour

Three Fragrant Beauties

Painted Lady Butterfly Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush © Kim Smith 2013

Last night I gave a talk on Fragrant Gardening at a sportmen’s club in Plymouth. In looking through images to update my presentation, I found two photos that had previously been overlooked. The first photo is of a Painted Lady nectaring at the sweetly scented butterfly bush ‘Nanho Purple,’ which blooms continuously throughout the summer. You can see she is a Painted Lady because of the four concentric circles, or “eyespots,” on the underside of her hindwing.

Monarch Butterfly Alma Potchke New England aster ©Kim Smith 2013

The second photo is of a Monarch nectaring at New England Aster ‘Alma Potchke,’ taken at a friend’s garden on Eastern Point. Our native New England asters have a wonderful spicy sweet earthy fragrance and are one the most potently fragrant asters found. New England asters bloom typically from late August through September.

American Lady Butterfly Korean Daisy gKim Smith 2013

The third photo I’ve posted before and it is of an American Lady nectaring at Korean Daisies. You can tell she is an American Lady by her two comparatively larger eyespots. Unlike hybridized chrysanthemums, which are usually bred for color, Korean Daisies are the straight species and are fabulously fragrant. Their period of florescence is from September through October, oftentimes into early November; only a hard frost stops their bloom power.

With just these three beauties, one could have a staggered and continuously fragrant garden in bloom from July through November–and create Mecca for butterflies on the wing.

Weekend starts earlier tonight

Well maybe all our talk about taking kids out to hear great music didn’t fall on deaf ears (pun intended).  Plus there’s another bonus: the fact that some shows start early means you can get to more shows in one evening.

Weekend starts tonight with Just Like Newman at 7pm at Shea’s Riverside in Essex.

Dave Sag has been starting his Rhumb Line Blues Party at 8 instead of 9 for a couple of weeks now.  This week he’s got Steve Chagaris & Justin Quinn Band.  Check out this video from a few years ago:

Plus there are three excellent 9pm shows.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party to Host Justin Quinn~This Thursday night @ The Rhumb Line~New Winter Hours 8:00 -11:00

dave sag
Dave says,

We offer you a bromide for the blues this week as we welcome back Mr. Justin Quinn and cohorts. Q has been busy learning a million snappy tunes with which to regale you with his harmonica sorties and clang bang vocal style. He’s dragging along the mighty Jon Ross with his cheesy antique guitar collection and deep knowledge of blue chestnuts. L’il Steevee Chaggaris will be beating the bongos to the blistering beat. And, by the way, We’ll be rehearsing the whole thing this Wed. nite at Glenn’s in Nbpt. from 7 to 9 as people attempt to eat dinner. It’s a great restaurant even though it’s over the bridge.
AND DON’T FORGET: The Rhumb Line is now on winter hours. Yes, we start at 8 pm and play till 11. Until further notice. So scrape that gravy off your chin and get out the door! you have no excuse!


Photo by Mark Hayden

Chelsea Berry~New CD release and Tour info

cb louisePhoto by Louise

Hello, everybody! Times are exciting indeed. The new album is out, the tour is rolling, and I have every last one of you to thank!!

My new album, Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, was released at the beginning of this month. You can find the album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify… and at the newly launched Chelsea Berry store!

This month we released my first full-length music video! Filmed and directed by Brendan Pike.


2/24- Steel City Coffeehouse (Phoenixville, PA) 7pm supporting Livingston Taylor

3/1- Shalin Liu Performance Center (Rockport, MA) 8pm The Dejas open

3/2- Shalin Liu Performance Center (Rockport, MA) 8pm The Dejas open

CALL FOR TICKETS- 978.546.7391

3/7- Tupelo Music Hall (Londonderry, NH) 7pm as open mic feature artist

3/16- Club Passim (Cambridge, MA) 8pm supporting What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

3/27- Crowell Chapel (Manchester, MA) 7:30 pm co-bill with Dawn Mitschele

3/29- The Buttonwood Tree (Middletown, CT) 8pm Joe Wilkins opens

3/30- The Bull Run (Shirley, MA) 8pm co-bill with Liz Frame and the Kickers

4/5- Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center (Old Saybrook, CT) 8pm supporting Vance Gilbert

4/13- The Vanilla Bean Cafe (Pomfret, CT) 7:30pm Joe Wilkins opens

5/24- The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI) 8pm supporting Livingston Taylor

5/25- The Acorn Theater (Three Oaks, MI) 8pm supporting Livingston Taylor

6/22- Woodstock Opera House (Woodstock, IL) 7pm supporting Livingston Taylor

6/27- One Longfellow Square (Portland, ME) 8pm supporting Chris Smither

Our official CD release concerts are a week away- please join us at the Shalin Liu in Rockport, MA!

Updates, music and more can be found at and if you’re on Facebook, please check out and like my music page!

Thanks again to all of you for your support…. this tour, this CD, and what is turning out to be a very exciting career has all been made possible because of you!!!

So much love,



ROCKport Found!

Yesterdays Art Rock in Rockport was found.

FOB Andrea Toppan called her Husband Bill and ordered him to go find it.

Here is her communication with her husband Bill;

“So I call my husband Bill on his way home from work ( in Peabody)  ” they (They? who’s they.) posted an art rock in Rockport front beach, I am texting you a picture, hurry go find it” ” but I haven’t left Peabody yet” doesn’t matter they just posted it, and Michael saw the post and said , next one is mine, right mom” 20 minutes later I get a call ” art rock in possession, anything else boss.?”  ” yes, milk”… T is crossed now in possession of 6 year old Michael Toppan, his twin Jayden cant wait for the next art rock, adventure to capture his. Older brother William ( age 7) found one last winter on the boulevard.”

Sorry Bill. Some people are just a little off and you found one.  🙂

188312_3727262838615_1492230454_n 551401_3727269198774_435554352_n


Meeting at the Dog Bar for Catholic Young Adults

Announcement from Holy Family parish:

Living our faith in today’s world is a challenge.  Combining family life with work is tough enough in itself; finding time to pray and get to Mass can feel like an added challenge. In addition, it can be hard to reconcile contemporary cultural trends, lifestyles, and world view, with Church teachings which are often misrepresented in the media and/or difficult to understand, or can simply seem out of touch.

At the same time, the Catholic Faith is a source of inspiration and strength for countless men and women of all ages around the world.  It can be a moral and spiritual anchor, a driving force for increased respect of human dignity, and a key for interpreting the events and dilemmas of our dynamic, information-filled, and constantly more connected world.

Young Catholic adults, wherever you are in that picture, we want to hear your thoughts and get to know you! As a parish we want to better address your needs and answer your questions, and bring together Catholic adults who can support each other.

So, we would like to invite young Catholic adults (parishioners of Holy Family or not, ages roughly 20’s-30’s) to meet at the Dog Bar on Thursday, February 21, at 7PM, for an informal gathering to get to know each other over food and drink, and to discuss plans for future social, service, and prayer activities. We will be easy to find, as Fr. Matthew Green will be there sitting at a table wearing his distinctive Roman collar, probably munching on a plate of nachos or wings…

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to this address: capeanncya (at)

You can also stop in last minute if necessary, but it would be helpful for me to have an estimate of how many people will be there, to give a “heads up” to the management. Hope to see you there!

Fr. Matthew Green

Pet of the Week-Hoops!


Hi, my name is Hoops, I am a three-month-old golden retriever/Hound mix.

I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester until I am adopted.   Let me tell you about myself, as I know having a new pup can be challenging. I am loveable, I am sweet, gentle, kind and eager to learn.   If you would like to see other photos of me, check our website at:

I am really happy here, the staff and volunteers are wonderful and the shelter is so beautiful.  We have many pups and cats who have had a difficult start in life and to be able to come to such a great shelter and receive such loving care is so appreciated.  I hope you might consider adopting me.  Did I tell you how loveable I’am – just take a look at this face?

Look at those paws!


Joey C Cap Giveaway- Hat #1 Sox 04 World Champion Fitted Mesh Cap With Tag On It

After cleaning out my closet last week and using the rule if it hadn’t been worn in 2 years it gets thrown out I went through my cap collection and will be giving one a day away to someone who likes this post on Facebook or tweets this post on twitter.  At the end of the day I’ll look on our Facebook Page- and my Twitter account @Joey_C and put all of those names in a hat and draw the name.  Must pick up the cap here at the Dock- 95 East Main Street within a week.  No shipping.  Add @Joey_C to any tweet so that I get a notification that you tweeted it.


Pickles and How The PC Police Runs Rough Shod Over America

First off let me say that calling a black person a nigger if you don’t know them and know that they would take offense to it is of course wrong.  I’ve greeted one of my closest friends, a black man that was an usher in my wedding and I in his and had traveled around the country  extensively "My Nigger"  as a greeting and we would laugh but you would have to be stupid to say it to someone you don’t know would take offense to it.  When I greet my black friend "My nigger" it is honestly meant as a term of endearment. 

That being said, I think the reason that the PC police is running amok is because so many small businesses have been squashed out of existence and so many more people work for  "the man"  whether it be the huge government, or a large corporation, or a school system, or the military, or a super large company with human resource departments and all.  So when something like a woman creating a huge ruckus over the term midget gets brought up, the only people you hear from are the  politically correct crowd because the people who might know it’s silly don’t want to lift up their heads and speak out because they are afraid that it might cost them their job. 

So these PC police, just like the feminazis and the eco terrorists are really the bullies in my opinion, suppressing people through fear and intimidation. image

Midget in the dictionary –
[mij-it] Show IPA
(not in technical use) an extremely small person having normal physical proportions.
any animal or thing that is very small for its kind.
very small or of a class below the usual size.
being a miniature replica or model.
1850–55; midge + -et

Related forms
midg·et·ism, noun

1. See dwarf.

No where in the dictionary do they mention it as a negative connotation.  When we grew up there was never a negative connotation associated with it.  A small person that was under 4 feet tall when they got older was a midget.

But now you have the PC police striking fear into  pickle companies because the PC police goes on a power trip and a classic staple in every household, the midget pickle gets renamed only because it is easier to just change the name that face the PC backlash. 
Because in the board room at Vlasic Pickles you have a bunch of people sitting around and the subject comes up-

Corporate guy leading the meeting at Vlasic-
“We got this lady who is upset because suddenly what we’ve been calling all these years, the Midget Pickle she finds offensive to her midget child.” 
Then they say
”How do you all feel about this?”

And it’s at that very point where all the decision makers in the room’s assholes pucker up in fear. 

Because they know as silly as it sounds to change the name of the classic midget pickle after decades of pumping out gazillions of jars of midget pickles, that not one of them is gonna go on record as to saying that they should just keep on with the classic midget pickle brand name that they’ve always had and never intended to be a slight because they don’t want it on record when the PC police make an even bigger stink about it as being their idea, voiced in that room, to keep the name the same.

So Vlasic issues a statement saying they will change the name, lose the brand that they’ve built up for years, burn all the packaging that they’ve already contracted out and paid for which was printed with the name “midget pickles” because some broad had a hair across her ass and some more of her PC buddies had a hair across their ass and they picked up momentum and what media outlet doesn’t like to report on the absurdities of these PC police and the conflicts that they create, and there you have it.  No more classic midget pickles for Vlasic. 


Censorship.  Welcome to America baby.  Watch your tongue. 

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