The PC Race To Eliminate The Term Midget Takes Another Victim

Barstool Sports reports-

Cains Pickles Stops Selling Midget Pickles After The Mother of A Midget Complains

This just a couple days after my “When did a midget not become a midget?” post-

Serious Question- When Did A Midget Not Become A Midget?

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Joey C


  • I tried to read this very important article, and it says it is blocked! Obviously you are on to something sinister. Stay on top of this topic! (I love GMG for so many reasons!)


  • Is the midget mosquito next on the list?


  • So, what is the PC term to us for a Dwarf Apple Tree?
    Little fruit tree?
    Veritcally challenged tree?


  • See, now, you can make political correctness into something fun, instead of something soul-crushingly serious. My favorites include “pigmentally-advantaged” (or -challenged) for black or white people of any gender, and “vagino-American” or “phallo-American” for, you figure it out. What can y’all come up with?
    But a midget gherkin will always be just that to me. I’ve never heard of a short person who was confused about what species he/she was.


  • I think the history of the word is important. If it was used to mean “small” initially, then adapted for Little People, and then revoked for offense, that would be different. The original meaning was “small fly” which in and of itself is offensive. A person is a person, not a fly which is unappealing. It was not used in any other way than derisively specifically for Little People, “referencing short people put on public display for curiosity and sport.” So in essence, calling pickles midget still is referencing Little People. The word is used to mean “small” by some people, but it is still rooted in this offensive history and does not actually represent the term small.

    I call children Little People too and the term isn’t ideal to fully describe what I mean, but then should one term be used to identify a group of people fully? If you say white person, you are wrong because we are all basically shades of peach, reddish, beige, and so forth – not all white at all. If you see a person with dark skin, they are not all African. Some are Caribbean and don’t identify with African culture. There is no one term that works for everyone and it’s all messy and that’s alright. You asked an honest question, but it’s a question that matters the most to the folks that deal with the daily derision. The responsibility to be respectful is always with the labeler, no matter what. You could use the term, but knowing the history, you would probably choose not to and to try not to hurt folks, but empower them instead. Language is a powerful force.


  • Example: instead of calling white people “white people”, calling them “gull-shits.” You like that? Nope. Though it IS kind of funny… until you are the minority. 🙂


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