The Gloucester Yacht Club, Rocky Neck, circa 1910

Fred Bodin submits-

The taller building with the long pier was Gloucester’s first yacht club, built in 1901 for $5,000. Howard Blackburn was a member and sailed from this building, which is still affectionately called "The Old Yacht Club." It’s located at 5 Wiley Street, sans pier. I lived on the third floor for 12 years, and has a magnificent deck overlooking the outer harbor. The dark house, center, was the home of my friends Al and Florence Taber. Al was a cantankerous guy, but always a gracious host, offering you a screwdriver cocktail, even in the morning. It was only after I read his obituary that I learned that Al rolled across Europe with General George Patton’s army, to finish WWII in Europe. He never mentioned it to me. (Author’s note: This photo post card was lent to me by Al Taber. I copied and printed it for him, and he let me use the image).


Fredrik D. Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo

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6 Responses to The Gloucester Yacht Club, Rocky Neck, circa 1910

  1. Allen Sloane says:

    That was a re-tread of a pun; could only be presented by someone with turret syndrome.

  2. jose smoothtrax says:

    I wonder what the membership dues were then.
    Was there a launch service to the moorings?
    What! No tennis courts? lol

  3. I remember that apartment Fred. What a great bachelor’s pad! I ended up sanding the floors just before Barbara sold the place.

    • Bill Hubbard says:

      I remember the old yacht club well. I lived in E. Gloucester and hung out on the neck in my younger years. I remember going in there with Capt. Johnny Parker and met the then owners a family from New York by the name of Banner. I believe the house just beyond was owned by Harry and Mary Wheeler but, theirs may be in between the two shown.

      • Fredrik Bodin says:

        I knew Harry and Mary Wheeler. Interesting, but not the best neighbors. Perhaps in a later post, I’ll tell you why. Everyone has stuff in their closet.

    • Fredrik Bodin says:

      And I photographed you there. Miss that place.

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