• In my neighborhood we have a squirrel with no tail. First time I saw it I thought it was a rabbit with no ears. Think about it.


  • I once had a returning Chickadee with only one good foot and a stump of a leg. He would get a seed from the feeder and prop himself up against my Locust tree’s trunk and smash open the seed and feast. Came to our feeder for at least two years. And as much as I am not a fan of the turkeys… about a dozen march down my street every night and enter my neighbor’s yard where they fly up into the oak trees for the night. There’s one who limps. Must have a severely damaged foot but is still hobbling around. I find myself looking for that one at night and when I see him, I think “good, he survived another day.”

    I wonder how that squirrel got his ear damaged…infection? Hungry mate? Mike Tyson? VanGogh?


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