• It’s a totally self-defeating picture. The dog is extremely cute, but the pig has those beady eyes that just say: “I am filled with bacon, pork chops, and prosciutto!” And to be clear, I do love them both – one for walks and sitting by the fireplace, and the other made into sausages.


  • Bacon, a delicious gift from God. Mmm, making me hungry!


  • Laugh all you wish, but eating other creatures is repugnant. One day, not far off, we will look back at the enslavement of animals and their torture with painful awareness of our wrong doing. Yes, that includes lobsters.


    • You are so right on this one! Education is the key.


    • The way we raise factory farmed animals in the country is repugnant. However, you can find pastured raised or wild meat if you are willing to pay for it. The human body evolved by eating animal flesh. There is nothing morally wrong with one animal eating another. I don’t think that you are going to convince people to eat in a way that is fundamentally against their nature. Your best bet would be to try to reform and raise awareness about the factory farm system.


  • Puppy bacon just never caught on.


  • There is nothing wrong with eating dogs. Millions of dogs are killed in shelters each year because we “love” them so irresponsibly. It would be better to eat them.


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