Live blogging from open door

Vickie and John painting bowls. There’s still time to come down and paint till 7:30

-pvn, sent from my phone

About Vickie & Peter

Vickie grew up in Iowa. Lived in Silicon Valley & NYC. Peter has lived all over (NJ, NY, CH, IN, CA, MA, etc.) We chose to live and raise our family in Gloucester. Owners of & Van Ness Group. Producers of gimmeLIVE concerts.
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6 Responses to Live blogging from open door

  1. Joey C says:

    Vickie you look thrilled, lol

    • Vickie & Peter says:

      Someone asked me a question just as Peter took the picture, you would think your own husband wouldn’t post a bad photo of his own wife!! I have never had a chance to do this before and it was a lot of fun, my bowl is pretty bad but. Sister Felica should go and paint GMG logo on a bowl.

  2. Vickie, what are you looking at..

  3. Vickie & Peter says:

    Next time I’ll put my glasses on before I post a photo. Sorry, my love! ~pvn

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