Jenkin’s House No More

Jenkins House ©Kim Smith 2013

Intersection of Bass Ave. and Rt. 128

Davya Jenkins ©Kim Smith 2013

Davya Jenkins standing  where her home of 25 years formerly stood. Coming in its place are three new homes. She was there to reminisce with friends–and shedding more than a few tears. Best wishes in you new home Davya!


  • Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel: call him!!


  • So sad will miss seeing that old house, oh but new is in don’t ya know


    • Just met Davya yesterday when I stopped to take a snapshot. I got the impression she is enjoying her new home, but was very much missing her previous neighbors, home, and neighborhood.


  • We drove by just as the front of the house was off and saw a picture on a wall in the second floor. I wonder what that was?


  • My Grandfather J Arthur Woodbury & his brothers lived there back in the 1920’s.

    Ralph Arthur Woodbury
    Palm Desert, CA


  • I first met Davya Jenkins in the mid 1980’s on a Saturday Fiesta night at the Down East Oyster House, which was where Espresso’s is now on East Main Street. I sat down next to her at the crowded bar with my girlfriend. After chatting for a few minutes, she insisted on buying us both dinner! I asked her if she was related to Lieutenant Jenkins of the GPD. He was her father. Previously, I had gone into the police station to get my FID card (firearms identification card), and I filled out the form on his desk. He asked for the $2 fee, which I didn’t have with me. “No problem,” he said, “I’ll pay it for you.” I’ve always been happy to see Davya while driving by her old house, and also when she tended bar at Sammy J’s on Main Street. Gloucester folk. (Note: I sold my rifles a decade ago).


  • The House on the Corner at The Light, painted w/ octopus and sea things! It is where Ms. Jenkins lived for Many years .. is now gone! A shrine to friendship, strong & solid stuff, a Glosta thing. Thank you for all of those years and giggles! Sad, developed not so happily? Love that house on the Big Corner at the 2nd light! (it was how many gave directions! When ya see the painted house…… )


    • A decade or so in the past, that corner lot, which included Davya’s house, was a proposed Burger King! Imagine the traffic nightmare it would create. The City wisely said NO. A few houses are much better, and I’m sure Davya is in a much better situation know. Coincidentally, tonight I was told by my upstairs neighbors upstairs that they were moving. Best of luck to them, they weren’t very happy here. Knowing Davya, I’m sure she got a deal and a great place. Maybe we’ll have a GMG mug up there some day. Crongrats Davya Jenkins, you’re movin’ on! We will see you soon.


  • Davya mentioned she’s not interested in computers, so she is not familiar with GMG. I hope one of her friends that reads the blog will share with her all the kind comments posted here.


    • I’m sure she has a phone and she knows where my gallery is and Joey’s dock is.


    • I will try, I am her oldest brother Jack, It’s nice to see so many reflect on the matter. I only found this through a Facebook link, not familiar with GMG either. but too often we only hear stories like these after somebody passes.


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