George Carlin answers Joey’s “midget” question

Joey’s astute observation about our increasing overuse of euphemisms deserves more than a mere comment in support of his legitimate question.  My favorite answer to this issue (and the funniest, too) was given by George Carlin some years ago.  Check it out:

Now that the issue is settled, we can move on to the tremendous amount of fun we can all have this weekend.  Given two dozen terrific live music choices — with plenty of them early enough to bring the kids (or little people, if you prefer) you’d think we were in the height of Summer!  Check out the complete weekend live music schedule here.  (I’ll be sitting in on drums tonight at the Walker Creek Band 30th Anniversary Celebration).


  • George Carlin is brilliant, and so are you!


  • That was great! George Carlin when he was at the top of his game.

    And a Midget by the way, is still a Midget!


  • Classic. The latest euphemism for dying that I have heard is “transitioning”. At a parish in New York, I got a call to go visit someone at a hospice who was “transitioning”, and I thought that meant they were moving in to the facility. Turns out, it meant they were actually moving out of the facility (and life) by “passing”. I made it there on time, but I would have made it there faster if they had simply said she was dying.


    • Reminds me of a scene in the Showtime series Weeds, where a born-again-Christian-teacher asks a suburban housewife if her recently deceased husband was Jewish, to which she answered, Yes. The teacher said, “but he passed.” and the housewife said, “Yeah, most people thought he was Italian.”


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