Thursday Night Blues Party @The Rhumb Line to host Steve Sadler~New winter hours 8:00 to 11:00

Dave says,

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, mahout driver Fred has ordained that the Blues Bash™ shall be forthwith  changing our startup time. We’re going for 8 pm to 11 pm all thru the winter. Forget 9 to 12! that’s for youngsters! We’re going for the formaldehyde crowd! But, seriously, folks, a lot of you have struggled to stay awake long enough to force yourselves to go out at nite. I’m the same way. But, if I can do it…..I’m actually excited about this. Many of our loyal fans have been quick to point out that there’s a lag from the time the wake ends till we start, so, this’ll give you a chance to clear the decks. Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day. Bring you insignificant other and clamp down on her heart! Damn, this martini is good….
So, let’s party! This Thursday brings up the rather large matter of Mr. Steve Sadler, one of my personal favorites. Guit-slinger, vocalist and recreational anesthesiologist, you’re sure to find something fabulous in his smood stylings. Not only that, but the electrifying Mr. Jim Scoppa is going to materialize, too. For many years the slashing guitarist for T.H.and The Wreckage, this cat has sharp claws that will open your pineal gland faster than you can say,”What, me worry?” Unfortunately, our chosen drummer, who shall remain nameless,  has been rushed to the hospital for emergency cosmetic weenis surgery. Prognosis is good, but a suitable replacement is under my grow lite, and should be firm by Thursday.

steve sadlerFacebook photo – edited

Stever Sadler with Jamie Walker  at The Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA Sept 2010

To re-iterate: NEW HOURS AT RHUMB LINE ON THURSDAYS ARE 8 TO 11. Please come and enjoy. Your feedback is always welcome.

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