• Maybe he could carry something else


  • I say be a man and carry your stuff – don’t drag it around on little wheels.


  • No way man – the backpack is the fastest way to move through a crowded airport, or the mess outside one. Especially when you’re getting your bearings at a foreign international airport, it’s great to wear your goods… much easier to turn down all the “helpers” who want to grab your bags and throw it in their car, at least until you figure out who’s legit, and who’s just a sketchy guy with all your belongings.

    Ever get to Logan and have to run to catch a bus or get on the T? Lot easier to hustle with your bag strapped to your person.

    People with the wheels never know where their luggage is, dragging somewhere behind themselves, blocking every aisle, tripping people. It drives me nuts. They never know when they should just pick. the. d*mn. thing. up. … like going down a stair case: crash, crash, crash with every step.

    The Rabbit is a very, very smart man. But tell him to invest in a bag with a waist harness… helps you bear the weight on your hips instead of your shoulders.


  • For the backpack fans, all I can say is that MANY backpack folks have no clue as to just how far off of their body their gear extends, and being a “aisle seat” airline passenger, I’m always getting beat up by backpacks as these folks turn in the aisles, as most of these people are oblivious. I HATE BACKPACKS.


  • one who takes the train from Boston and has to walk and down tons of stairs to get from North Station to the airport….public transportation in Boston is for backpackers.


  • If ya’ got too much stuff to carry – either on your shoulders or in your hand – then ya’ got too much stuff


  • That’s never going to fit in the overhead. Oh, I get hit with just as many roll ons while sitting in the aisle as I do back packs. You can’t cure stupid.


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