Gloucester MA Public Information Officer Storm Update 15:05 Hours

Storm Update SUNDAY 1505 hrs.

The Mayor has used the Code Red system to alert the residents of Gloucester on the latest clean-up efforts from the major storm that impacted us on Friday and Saturday. To reiterate the main points for everyone

– Gloucester Public Schools are closed tomorrow, Monday, as the efforts to clean-up from this massive storm continue.

– The parking ban is discontinued at 6pm this evening. However, for public safety’s sake, if you don’t have to drive..don’t. Allow us to continue our efforts to restore the City to normalcy as quickly as possible.

– If you have parked your vehicle in a school lot, please remove it by 6am Monday. If you’re in a municipal lot, we won’t be enforcing meters until Tuesday morning at the earliest.

– Main Roads are clear. The DPW is working tirelessly to address ALL roads. Due to the amount of snow and the inherent narrowness of some roadways, special equipment such as front loaders had to be brought in to clear some secondary roads. There are only so many of these machines. This takes time, but rest assured that your road will be cleared. If you have questions you may call the DPW up until 4pm tonight at 978-281-9785. They will also be available during regular business hours during the week.

– It will take a few days in order to address the sidewalks and snow mounds in the downtown and surrounding areas. Again, this was a massive storm and DPW is working as quickly and safely as possible. We are counting on residents cooperation and understanding during this difficult process.

– Rain is expected tomorrow, this may shift priorities temporarily to cleaning catch basins to avoid flooding and freezing of roadways, further hampering efforts to clean up

– Make sure that your fire and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries, are tested, and are working. Clear all outside vents for natural gas, oil, propane, or other gas related heating or energy systems, including appliances such as clothes dryers.

– Keep generators at least 25 feet away from the home to avoid CO and exhaust fumes.

– If there is a fire hydrant at or near your home, don’t forget to shovel a clear path to it. If there is a fire, every second will count.

– While we believe the vast majority of residents have had their power restored, if you are having issues please call National Grid at 1-800-465-1212. If it is an emergency, dial 911.

Speaking on behalf of Mayor Kirk, Public Safety, the School Administration, and DPW, I would like to sincerely thank the citizens of Gloucester for their cooperation during this event. Your continuing cooperation and patience will be of invaluable help in the upcoming days. The Police Department, of course, is available 24 hours a day and I would encourage you to call 978-281-9900 for non emergency questions. 911 should be reserved for ongoing EMERGENCY situations only. Thank you.

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester

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