Code Red City of Gloucester Issued 1PM February 10, 2013

City Hall Nine Dale Ave Gloucester, MA 01930 TEL FAX 978281 978– 9700 2819738 ckirk CITY OF GLOUCESTER OFFICE OF THE MAYOR CODE RED – Issued at 1pm Sunday, February 10, 2013. @ Good afternoon. This is Mayor Carolyn Kirk with some important messages from the City of Gloucester’s code red emergency messaging system. The local state of emergency that was declared on Friday is still in effect, and the city continues to respond to the impacts caused by the recent blizzard. Please listen carefully to the following 6 important announcements: 1. After consultation with public works, public safety and school officials, it has been determined that additional time is required for clean up efforts. Therefore there will be no school tomorrow, Monday in Gloucester Public Schools. The Superintendent of schools will issue an announcement directly to families as well. 2. While main roads are passable, there are many secondary, remote and deadend roads which may require special equipment such as back hoes for snow operations. Special equipment resources are limited and it will take through today and tomorrow to reach some areas. DPW will be taking your calls until 4pm today and tomorrow during normal business hours. The number for DPW is 978-281-9785. That number again is 978-281-9785. 3. It will take the better part of the week to address the downtown area and sidewalks. Priorities will be ensuring safe routes to school, and residents are reminded they are responsible for clearing sidewalks adjacent to their property. 4. The parking ban will be lifted as of 6pm tonight. However, streets are narrow due to the volume of snow, and we are asking residents to keep roads as clear as possible due to ongoing snow operations. Residents are reminded that it is against the law to place snow in city streets. 5. If your vehicle is parked in a school parking lot, please remove it by 6am Monday morning so that the lots may be cleared. If you are in a municipal lot, meters will not be enforced until Tuesday at the earliest. 6. The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow which may divert resources for clearing catch basins to minimize flooding. This will delay snow operations so we ask for your patience. Citizen cooperation during this weather event has been outstanding, and we ask for your continued cooperation and patience in the days ahead as we return to normalcy as quickly and safely as possible. To repeat, Gloucester Public Schools are canceled tomorrow, the parking ban will be lifted as of 6pm today, however mobility and access throughout the city is still restricted so we are asking citizen cooperation and patience as we return to normalcy over the course of the coming week. Thank you for listening, and this concludes this message

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