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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards airs Sunday night at 8:00–a perfect end to a snow-bound weekend. My hoped-for winner is FUN., with the always fabulous featured artist Janelle Monáe. Good Luck FUN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you win all six categories for which you are nominated, including Best New Artist, Record, Album, and Song of the Year. Although Fun. has been together for a few years, to be nominated for Best New Artist I believe the criteria is to have released at least one album, but not more than three (please correct me if incorrect). FUN. is performing Sunday night. I hope we don’t lose power!

We are Young (acoustic version).

BREAKING NEWS: If you’re going out tonight, you’re gonna have to walk

Check out this latest AP wire:

BOSTON (AP) — BOSTON — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency and banned travel on roads as of 4 p.m. as a blizzard that could bring nearly 3 feet of snow to the region began to intensify.

Patrick said as the storm gains strength it will bring ‘‘extremely dangerous conditions’’ with bands of snow dropping up to two to three inches per hour at the height of the blizzard, prompting whiteout conditions.

Patrick said the travel ban will apply statewide and bans all motor vehicle traffic until it is lifted. The ban doesn’t apply to public safety workers and utility workers.

The MBTA is canceling all services as of 3:30 p.m.end of story marker

More entertainment news to come …

Sunday’s Free Community Concert Cancelled

Rockport Music Announcement

 Rockport Music Concert Cancelled Due to Weather

 Due to the impeding inclement weather, Rockport Music announces that the free Community Concert scheduled for Sunday, February 10, at 3 PM with Lev Mamuya, cello and Christopher Staknys, piano has been cancelled.

 Please note: The Box Office will be closed on Friday, due to the weather.  Please check our homepage for additional updates.  The Box Office phone number is 978-546-7391.

A surprise show with Chelsea Berry

c landingSnow forced the postponement of Chelsea Berry’s shows at the Shalin Liu, however, tomorrow night we will host an intimate evening of music with Chelsea atThe Landing @ 7 Central in Manchester by the Sea. Share this photo and you will automatically be entered to win a copy of Chelsea’s new CD, “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.”

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Origami at the Hive

Last night I had an origami class at The Hive, with a Valentine’s Day theme.  Although I had a variety of models ready to teach, we ended up focusing on just making a rose, which is a somewhat complicated model. There were two other meetings going on in other rooms, from which we benefitted by getting spillover snacks!

Snacks, a finished rose, and a rose in the making

We added origami leaves and a stem to the rose at the end, which you can partly see in this photo with David Brooks:

David Brooks with his finished rose

I will be teaching another class in March, although the date is yet to be determined.  The theme is yet to be determined, but some possibilities are:

  • boats and ships (not the typical newspaper sailboat – ones with more variety of shape, maybe some that float, but maybe also some with more detail but less functionality)
  • Origami spirals (kind of abstract but really cool)
  • Suggestions?

Fr. Matthew Green

Thank You from Seacoast Activity Director Alison Cox

Dear Friends of Seacoast,
Thanks to you, the residents of Seacoast have enjoyed many special events and activities since we last met including:
The New Years Eve celebration with a dessert buffet.
Dinner theater with entertainment by Pianist Vocalist Scott Andrews in January
A Baby Farm animal visit
An assortment of new supplies and games
And the Atlantic Shores unit now has an electric Fireplace
Upcoming special events include:
Dinner theater catered by Capt. Hooks with entertainment by Nick Esposito 2/12
Dessert buffet with a harpist & violinist 2/14 for a Valentine’s Celebration
2/14 Chocolate candy & Balloons will be given to each resident as a Valentine’s present
Any Friends available to volunteer and help deliver the gifts please come join us. Gifts will be distributed to all residents for Valentine’s Day 2/14 @ 3:00 PM
We are especially grateful to Hallie Baker of Turtle Alley Chocolates who generously gave us the chocolate candy at her cost.  Thank you Hallie
Thank you all!
Alison Cox
Activity Director
Thomas M. Lattof
Hallie Baker Turtle Alley Chocolates

Nostradamus. The Oracle. Fred MF Bodin.

You know I pride our contributors on being on the cutting edge providing you with the news way before anyone else.

But then you have our boy Fred Bodin just really swinging for the fences yesterday with this bold prediction in the comment section-

Fred writes-

I have a sickening feeling that this could be a big one.

Really Fred? Whoa!!!!!!

Now I don’t know about you but he just totally blew me out of the water with the balls to make such a bold prediction.
Nostradamus? Puh-Leeeease! The Oracle- Ain’t Shit.

We got Fred MF Bodin, sticking his neck out with cutting edge, hard hitting, ballsy weather analysis right there.

I mean how could he ever have deduced that we’re getting a major storm? There was nary a mention of it all week long on the news, facebook, or twitter. The guy is the prognosticator of prognosticators.

I’m just glad we have him on our team. Sheesh. Guy is a weather forecasting monster.

Here’s Fred working up his latest weather models-

Evie will be opening her show at Alchemy February 13th

Evie will be opening her show at Alchemy February 13th

Hey All!
Hope this message finds everyone well and having lots of fun in life. I wanted to invite you to come celebrate my art opening at Alchemy with me from 5:30-7:30 on February 13th. I look forward to seeing you there!


Come to
on Saturday, Feb. 9 for the Gloucester Chocolate Tour. Buy one of our Featured Chocolate Items, and get 10% off all your purchases!

Remember, we have Aksinosie “Bean to Bar” chocolate, featured in Bon Appetite, Oprah! and Food and Wine Magazine. We also have homemade Chocolate Chip Biscotti and Peacan Squares, Chocolate Powdered Almonds, and the Mademoiselle de Margaux Chocolate with Pear, Chocolate covered Grapes, and Chocolate covered Cherries (just in time for Valentine’s Day)! Consider a bottle of Bramusa Itlalian Brachetto to pair with a flourless chocolate cake for a sweet treat. And don’t foregt the wonderful chocolate covered figs that go beautifully with rich red wines like Five Vintners Zinfandel. We have it all (and at 10% savings)! We will see you this Saturday (open 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.), and you can park in our lot in back of the store.

Kathleen Erickson
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Savour Wine and Cheese
76 Prospect St.
Gloucester, MA 01930

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