Fish on Fridays

Kathy and Marty spent some time at the Jodrey State Fish Pier this week to see what was going on. This week, most of the activity centered on the herring and mackerel fleet consisting of the Challenger, the Endeavour and the Voyager. The fleet’s catch is processed whole and sold frozen as food to foreign markets or as fresh, frozen or salted bait for domestic use.
There is almost always something going on at the Pier including off-loading, salting, icing or maintaining vessels and gear.
P1160671 copy2
Color photos ©Kathy Chapman 2013

B+Ws ©Marty Luster 2013


  • Hey. The fish this friday is Nemo. Fry him up with a side of handcut fries. The little mutant fin will be extra crispy.


  • ps. Those atlantic mackerel are used as bait locally but sold frozen to foreign markets. But a fresh atlantic mackerel is a very tasty breakfast. I don’t care if everyone tells me I am eating bait.


  • And my favorite, small crispy fried smelts

    1/2 lb fish fillet of Smelts
    2/3-1 cup flour
    1 egg
    2 tablespoons milk
    oil or Crisco (for frying)

    Place flour in bag add fish, shake to coat.

    Mix egg and milk together and dip fish to coat. Then reflour the fish.

    In a large hot pan add frying oil or Crisco to cover bottom of pan, heat oil then place fish in till browned on one side flip and brown. About 2 minutes.

    Remove to paper towel or brown paper to drain oil season generously with salt and pepper and garnish if desired with lemon.


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