Do the people who continue to send me press releases read the blog? What is your opinion?

In light of the stickied post at the top of the blog stating please hold off on submitting press releases and the dozen or so press releases I’m getting daily do you think…

A) These people submitting them don’t read GMG therefore haven’t read my plea to hold off a week.

B) These people have read my plea to hold off on sending me press releases for a week but don’t think it would irritate me if they send in theirs because their press release is special and far more important than every other press release that I asked folks to hold off on submitting.


  • A. Joey,
    Can’t you post an auto email response out of the office until?


  • I sincerely doubt they read the blog. Used to work in marketing – just had a schedule of things to send out daily/weekly/monthly etc. I’d only check the site if I didn’t get a response.


  • let Paulie Walnuts handle them in your absence, his impish touch will teach them to pay closer attention…


  • I’d put my money on the first option. Chances are the don’t read GMG. They probably have you on a mailing list for press releases, and just fire off a salvo of emails in the hope that people will read and print or post them.


  • Thanks Paolo! I tell him that all the time, but he doesn’t trust me with the keys to the kingdom.


  • C) They work 60 hours a week at work and then have to take care of family, run errands, food shop, do laundry, clean the house, feed and walk the dog, take their elderly parents to dr. appointments, help kids with homework, try to cram in a run around the block now and then so they can keep their ass size down and on top of that deal with the day to day stuff they never saw coming but they LOVE GMG and its the first email (the daily 8:30pm one) they open when they fall into bed with their smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint because Joey recommended it!) and they read as many of the posts they can before gmail cuts the bottom posts off and pray they didn’t miss anything because if they don’t go to sleep asap they will yet again have to make due with only 6 hours of sleep the next day! Boy oh boy would they love to read every post as they pop up! Seriously


  • These are the same kind of people that ignore Do Not Call phone lists. (I don’t answer, or if I do, it’s only to tell them “I pay for this phone for my convenience, not for yours,” which at least makes me feel better momentarily.


  • C. They don’t read GMG. But if they did, they’d send it anyhow because they just don’t care how it makes you feel. To them, you’re just another media mogul, like William Randolph Hearst. You don’t have feelings. You don’t take the blog personally. You don’t put your heart and soul into it and keep it alive as a labor of LOVE for the City you love. You don’t need a vacation in the sun while the rest of us get hammered with the storm of the century. Your only focus should be on THEM! I say don’t worry about it. Enjoy the sun. And many many years from now if you stare into your snow globe and say “rosebud”, we’ll all know why . . .


  • Of course they don’t read it….Were it my blog, I’d not post anything that arrived while that request not to post was up.


  • Here is my two cents:

    The email version of GMG that I get doesn’t have the extra warning posts at the top of the page. Just a list of the new entries, and then the entries. Maybe they just read the email version. But that would not cover why, when Joey has been blogging a few things from his get away, that they don’t realize that he is away and any new items will have to wait….
    So I’m going with the idea that they just send a items out to several different places and don’t even look.

    I’m an avid reader, but sometimes miss a day or two….


  • Jeez, Joey, just suck it up and hit the delete key if you don’t want those inbound press releases while you’re away. These folks have a job to do. And although GMG may be an important outlet to them, you’re likely not the center of their media world.


    • You know Mike if I didnt care about these people I probably wouldn’t write this post. Fact is I probably care too much. And the guilt in ignoring them or hitting the delete button is what bothers me.

      It might be tough to understand if you’re a pr person that just intends on stuffing as many releases to as many media outlets as you can and hoping some get placed but I think the most effective pr people know the editors or at least try to read the publication in which they are asking to publish their releases.

      Must not be how they operate at wardpr. Duly noted.


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