Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 2- Hopper Story, Moment #28

I’m going to break this down to one a day. It is in reference to the Massachusetts Municipal Association has awarded the Gloucester HarborWalk with the Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award in which Gloucester competed against 351 other communities and won.

Catherine Ryan writes-


Here are some of the story moment markers as they appear on on line that the Massachusetts Municipal Association mentioned in their release for the HarborWalk award.

T.S. Eliot, Virginia Lee Burton, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Greasy Pole St. Peter’s Fiesta

There’s content generously provided from many sources including Good Morning Gloucester contributors (Joey, Fred, EJ, David, Fr. Matthew Green…)!

Hopper Story HarborWalk Moment #28



One comment

  • As a kid in the 50’s we would go to the 11 Hovey Street house which was abandoned and a Haunted House to us. We played around the nearby Ryder’s Rock area between the western side of the house and the carriage houses on Centennial Ave. In Spring we got carpet or cardboard boxes and sled down the three terrace hills; in winter we sled down them and if we accidental crashed through rotten fence ended up in back yard of house on Western Ave.. Course after the 20 odd foot drop we’d walk home to lick our wounded pride.


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