2013 GMG Superbowl Poll With Three Possible Answers

Well the Superbowl is here and with it goes the last game of the best professional sport product on our shores til next year’s NFL season begins.

Although I don’t feel as strongly about favoring the Ravens or the 49ers I am tilting toward rooting for the 49ers for a couple of reasons

A) I like their young quarterback Colin Kapernick’s style.  He seems like a nice kid with some swagger and ability and it will be interesting to see if the  49ers win the Superbowl how many young Hollywood starlets he tears through in the year to come.  Forget laying a bet on who wins between the Niners and the Ravens.  The far easier bet has to be if the Niners win how long it takes for Kapernick to drill Taylor Swift. That has to be a prop bet in Vegas, right?  Just has to be.

B) Not wanting to have to listen to the insufferable Ray Lewis

That’s really all it boils down to for me.

So let’s do like we do and poll it baby-


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