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Cod Fishery in Crisis

Jim Ford, a cod fisherman out of Gloucester, Mass., faces an uncertain future after the New England Fisheries Management Council voted Wednesday on painful reductions to cod harvests.

Cod Fishery in Crisis – Video – The New York Times


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  • Thanks for posting this Marty. It’s very hard to watch this unfold.


  • It will be sad to see this town loses its fishing fleet but at the same time people knew it was coming. There was going to be a last generation of fishermen and a last generation of people that lived in a purely fishing community. The fishing past will not separate from this community it will only become part of the fabric of what is yet to come. Gloucester still has its rocky coastlines, majestic views, beaches, people and mariner edge to it. It might become a little less salty but that does not mean the docks are closed for even. People love this town and its ocean and this community will build a new on the docks that once carried fish. It’s a sad time and exciting time to live in Gloucester as new chapter of Gloucester living and building begins.

    What will Gloucester waterfront look like in ten years? Well lets hope a lot happier than it does today.


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