As Thom said Access for all

Here is some information about this beautiful gem in our city, courtesy of The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church website.

It’s Official: We Have Lifts!

Welcome to Gloucester’s oldest church building (1806), the home of America’s first Universalist Society founded by Rev. John Murray in 1779. We are located in the heart of Gloucester’s Historic District at the corner of Middle and Church Streets. Our lantern steeple has guided generations of mariners into port as our founders fought for the early abolition of slavery, for women’s rights and separation of church and state as a cornerstone of our democracy. Today, more than 200 years later, our lighted steeple remains a focal point in Gloucester’s skyline.  We are a welcoming congregation, working in the present day for equality of all persons in the certain knowledge of God’s universal love. The church façade and steeple appear in works by renowned artists, including Fitz Henry Lane and Childe Hassam, that hang in many museums and private collections. The steeple bell was cast by Paul Revere Sons in 1806.

The amazing staircase

january 30, 2013awesome staircase


  • I spent the first few years looking out my bedroom window in the last house (on right) on Gould Court. The church sits on higher ground as The Court is kind of sunken with a three foot or so retaining wall. We were never allowed to go in because to Catholics that was a one way trip to hell. But was always amazed by it’s clean lines and geometric design. When I finally got my nose inside some 50 years later for my granddaughter’s baptism I was surprised at the simplicity of design. Outside Catholic used to like a the ornate packed into a small place or a big one if they could get it and inside filled with all kinds of statues and shiny stuff. The Unitarian Universalist Church doesn’t have much shrubbery and has a clear field while inside reflects the austerity of that age. At least it seemed that way to me after wondering about it for half a century. I think it is the first church of their denomination built in this country.


    • Thank you for your post, as a Catholic I also remember that you were not supposed to go into any other denomination church. How silly was that. This Church is so beautiful, when I go in there you feel like you should talk in whispers.


  • This post mentions “we have lifts”. Does that mean that they now have an elevator???? That would be great!


    • Hi Susan: Thank you for your post. They do now have an elevator from the ground floor to the third floor and and a lift from the ground floor to the basement. It is very well done, it is also such a beautiful church


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