• Nice shots, Marty. Any idea as to who the artist was that did all the mural work?


  • I spent many an hour in those halls after school at Central Grammar. I was waiting for my dad to give me a ride home. I’m so excited to see the murals restored. Back on those days many of the people walking those halls were smoking. I can only imagine the grime to be removed.


  • While I agree it is long needed, I also would like to add that the Third Floor Balcony also needs to be cleaned up. It very sad when the former Mayor Friends picture is partially hidden by a metal cabinet. The other pictures need to be cleaned up and restored, also the former City Councilors.
    I would love to see other City Councilors rememberd, such as Peirce N Hodgkins , John Sutherland and more. I think that the families of these leaders of our past mut be contacted and just maybe they would be willing to give pictures of their loved ones. We must move forwrd , but wse also cannot ignore the wisdom of our past. Mayor Beatrice Corliss picture must be put in a more prominent place, just as our former Senator Ben Smith. These are my thoughts can anybody else add to them.

    The Fred Kyrouz Council Chambers

    By Peter A. Todd 08/29/2012



    As I sit here surrounded by many famous faces
    I look back into the reflection of times
    From the time I was a boy as my mind traces
    To the memories of wisdom now hard to define
    I recall my many happy days
    As I ran through the city streets
    Shining peoples shoes along the way
    Then to the Mayors office to greet
    A lady I then thought of power to behold
    Yet in a kind and loving way
    From my youth my heart she has stole
    My friendship for a lifetime to stay
    These Chambers hold many happy times
    Such as our joyful Anniversary of our Mom and Dad
    Or the time I was invite to speak among two famous men
    Who I had looked up to since I was a lad
    Today I am surrounded by pictures of Gloucester past
    The Forefathers who guided the road to our future
    It is my hope that those who visit these Chambers
    Will pass it on to their growing families for its wisdom to nurture


  • Hey, Joey — do please give credit to those renovators who are working on this project!
    Their names, what organization of restorer group have they come from?
    So many times we see folk doing important work, yet we fail to recognize how difficult and painstaking is their work.~!
    Cynthia K. Sam


  • Hi Cynthia
    The Gloucester Committee for the Arts has engaged Peter Williams of Peter Williams Museum Services with assistance from conservators Stephanie Angelo and Jackie Trombley!


  • Thank you, Peter. Great points and stirring words! We agree. Can you email the Committee for the Arts gharborwalk@gmail.com subject line City Hall art? thanks

    And a general response: A few current projects the Gloucester Committee for the Arts (CFTA) is working on illustrate the primary concerns for any municipality’s council or committee for arts.

    1)The City of Gloucester has commissioned art several times and through a variety of processes. Currently, the CFTA has put out a Call to artists to submit proposals for new Public Art for the 2013 Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge with a deadline of February 8, 2013

    2)Along with ongoing cataloguing there is also care. Currently we’re managing the restoration of the City Hall murals, primarily organized by committee member Dale Brown with help from committee member Roger Armstrong, but many volunteers have worked on this over the years. There is an ongoing big picture for ALL of the City owned art!

    3) One of the highlights of any council or committee for arts is the potential that the City is offered gifts of art to be part of the civic art collection. Gloucester has deep connection to artists and arts, and limited public space. This is a delicate balance. But it is vital!

    SUPPORTING THE ARTS (easy to do in Gloucester!)
    4)for example CFTA is partnering with many others in the hopes of forming a Downtown Gloucester Cultural District

    The CFTA wants everyone to know that they can participate and contribute to Gloucester’s City owned art in many ways: sponsoring care of existing works, contributing to ongoing maintenance, research, documentation, volunteering on projects or the committee.

    Respectfully submitted
    The Committee for the Arts


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