This Morning’s Sunrise: How Not to Shoot Panorama Part II


Tide and time wait for no man and that includes the sun. If the webpage says sunrise is 7:00 AM on the dot then you better be out there before that to get the rich colors. I was trotting down the Atlantic Path at 6:59 AM enjoying the sunrise but before I could get the iPhone out BAM!  Still working without a tripod although I did line the horizon up on the panorama arrow onscreen which helped calm down the wavy horizon a bit. More after the break …sunrisepartIII just downloaded some good photos of the Edwardo Coronation Saturday night. Wait for my 2:30 PM regular post time for the shot of Sistah Felicia with tambourine over her head (did the lead singer hand it over voluntarily?) with Ron Gilson cutting a rug on the dance floor swinging a tablecloth over his head. I may be exaggerating but not by much.



  • Good Morning, I would love to have a photo of Good Harbor Beach on Canvas with a Panorama View for my dining room. Can you refer me to someone who can help me? Much appreciated!


    • You’ce come to the right place. There are a ton of photographers contributing to GMG and they can put them on canvas. JoeyC has been putting some stuff on campus and wherever he gets them done they are gorgeous. Shots of Good Harbor might be close to the number of shots of Motif #1 in Rockport.

      Real Panorama is a little trickier. You certainly don’t want any of mine from an iPhone. Can’t blow them up more than 3 inches across. There is a GMG contributor I am not sure he wants me to spill the beans but he is going to have a tool for panoramas within a month that is going to be mind blowing.

      If you just search in the top right for “Good Harbor Beach” there are tons of photos already here and the photographer likely has a linked website. I don’t want to name one because then I would leave 20 people out.


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