• great interview! such important content that we all can use!


  • Thanks for this video Joey and thank you Ryan for sharing your thoughts about the email addresses.

    I am someone who has been collecting emails for about ten years, originally because I was writing a column on garden design and it was a way to send the column to people who did not have access to the newspaper. Now I collect email addresses with every contact that I make and also at every program and lecture that I give. I call them my ‘gardening friends.’ I should add that I don’t make it about just them only providing their email address–they are sent related information in return. For example, I provide them with plant lists I have created–something like the Top Ten Plants for Attracting Butterflies or Habitat Plants for Eastern Massachusetts. Twice a month I write and photograph a newsletter (for lack of a better word) on nature or garden design related topics and then email my ‘gardening friends.’ I cannot share enough how much readers say they enjoy receiving these newsletters in their inbox. It is a lot of work after every lecture trying to decipher 50 -100 new email addresses, and many don’t go through because they are indecipherable. But I love the connection with my readers and it feels like much more of a real connection than does Facebook. It has helped grow my business in innumerable ways. I think with blogging a similarly joyful connection is made and think too that all restaurants and galleries would have a guest book for names and email addresses because there is automatically an assumed interest there.

    Thanks again for all your interesting posts on Twitter!


  • nice job ryan.


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