5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- @KidNS

5 Questions With Bill O’Connor @KidNS


What are your duties at your job and do you use twitter as a tool for your job?

Owner, publisher, graphic designer, technologist, photographer, and more!  Twitter is an integral part of how we deliver information. We do not really use it socially, i.e. messaging back and forth. It’s more about spreading the word for us. We keep a steady flow of tweets going throughout the week.

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

· Our tweets are mostly readable and understandable.

· Our tweets deliver a valid piece of information that our readers can actually use.

· 95% of our tweets are not cluttered with chatter, and don’t add to it.

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

Tweeting is a hard skill for some people to learn, and a lot of people are trying to learn it, so the Twitterverse is full of chatter and tweets that really don’t mean or say anything at all. The reason you only have 140 characters is because it forces you to think it through before you make your point. Imagine that, you have to think before you type! Why would somebody tweet, ‘LOL’ or ‘ROFLMAO’? Does that even qualify as a tweet? It’s been done ad nauseum, contributes nothing to the conversation, and literally says nothing…  I suppose it’s a necessary evil for people who need to learn the platform, though.

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?

There are many, but here’s a few I can name off the top of my head:

· @Joey_C (of course!)

· @thetrustees

· @massaudubon

· @essexheritage

· @PBSkids

· @museumofscience

· @coastalbyway

· @DscvrGlstr


· @NatGeoKids


Do you have a website you would like to promote?

Sure! North Shore Kid focuses on events, activities and places in and around the North Shore that nurture kids’ desire to learn by doing and create memorable family experiences.


  • So Bill, can I send and receive tweets from my desktop computer? Do you think I should pursue Twitter, knowing what I do here in the gallery? Love to know – Joey and anyone else too!


    • Of course you can Fred! I very rarely send tweets from a mobile device, but that has more to do with the way I use Twitter. I use a Twitter manager called Tweetdeck that allows me to schedule tweets to be published, see who’s tweeting me, manage personal messages and watch channels that are created via hash tags like #GloucesterMA. If you have the time, tweeting is a fun way to share your message.

      We like to make sure that we are on Twitter because we reach more people with our information. Facebook is great, but a lot of younger folks seem to be using Twitter as their social tool of choice, so we use both. I actually prefer the Twitter format, and once you get good at tweeting, writing them comes as second nature!


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