How Not to Take a Panorama

Use an iPhone, don’t use a tripod, don’t use a leveler. Because if you do your horizon gets all lumpy and out of sorts. (Click to embiggen.)

But a little fairy tells me a GMG contributor is going to have some cool panoramas within a month.

Hoop Pole Cove

Hoop Pole Cove


  • I like this Paul. I bet the iPhone automatically leveled the horizon and stabilized the shakiness.


    • It does do a lot of processing but this is done in moments. A fun thing to do at a party is wave it over your head and capture a 360 but people can turn into monsters if they move. All ear, just a forehead. With an horizon line like a sunset it really needs a tripod or it wiggles the horizon trying to match everything up.

      I remember doing this with photoshop and the lights would dim the processing took so long.


      • I’ve used a carpenter’s level on my tripod-mounted cameras to straighten the horizon, from 35mm cameras to 11×14 inch view cameras. It really helped. I haven’t fastened a digital camera to a tripod yet, but I sure will. Marty’s Fuji X-100 has a level displayed in one of his info screens, and that will be great. I have my trusty Leitz Tiltall tripod here at the gallery, and just want a little warmer weather. Baby, it’s cold outside!


  • I’ve had a bubble level app on my iPhone for years and never thought to use it to level for a panorama shot. When it warms up I will try again with a tripod and a pre-sweep using that program.


  • The iPhone, AKA the DSLR Killer – As you can imagine there are iPhoto only photographers and they do some incredible stuff. I Just picked up my 5 and still cant think of more that a phone. Must be the age group I fall in. If you take a look at the Really Right Stuff web site they have some great iPhone 5 cases and tripod stuff for the 5 and a few other great toys as well.

    I think I can hear some water dripping!


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