Coming Soon To Ipswich- SALT KITCHEN & RUM BAR

In the location of the Former Stone Soup Café. on the opposite corner of Choate Bridge Pub. 1 Market Street Ipswich MA


NOW under renovations!



From their Facebook Page-

Here is a great shot of how the bar is coming. Kitchen is being detailed this week and a lot of electrical and plumbing being done. We seem to be right on schedule!


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  • Thanks Joe…you are always finding the new spots, close by for lunch or dinner…during the winter months we are always looking for new “road trip” options…I expect to try the new pizza spot that you introduced this week…


  • Hi Joey, Just want to clarify that Salts Kitchen will be opening is what was Cafe Zabaglione. Stone Soup was on the corner of Market & Central streets. Five Corners Cafe is in what was Stone Soups location. So Salts Kitchen & Five Corners are next to each other. In My Day that corner was referred to as Quints Corner for the wonderful Quints Drug Store with it’s Soda Fountain… Now I’m dating myself….


  • Just want to add, that this posting by Joey shows again why this site is so fantastic! He comes over to Ipswich to tell the story of a new restaurant while it is still in the STAGE OF OPENING! I would imagine the the owners of Salts Kitchen must be thrilled…. As a resident of Ipswich, thanks for this info….


  • Mom's Lifesavers

    Went there! It was AWESOME!


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