5 Questions With @Joey_C’s Favorite Twitter Peeps- @RyanPinkham

Five Questions With Ryan Pinkham-


What are your duties at your job and do you use twitter as a tool for your job?

1. I work as a content developer on the marketing team at Constant Contact. My main responsibility is developing educational content to help small businesses and nonprofits better market themselves online. 

For me, Twitter is more about building my own profile online. I use the site to share posts from our blog and to share other industry-related articles, news stories, or hot topics.

It’s also a valuable networking and communication tool that enables me to hear directly from business owners and other marketers with questions, feedback, and ideas of their own.

Why do you think you are follow worthy on Twitter?

If you’re interested in email marketing, social media marketing, and anything related to small businesses check me out. If there’s something going on around town that people are talking about, I also like to share my two cents.

Sometimes I tweet pictures of booze, food, and puppies. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes not.

What types of tweets or twitter user drive you up a wall?

Any sort of overly promotional stuff from businesses really puts me off. If you’re a restaurant I’ve decided to follow on Twitter, I don’t need you to keep asking me to visit your restaurant. Instead, tell me what’s on the menu, take pictures of people enjoying your food, share interested articles, maybe share a few tips from your kitchen. Make it interesting.

Oh, and autofeeds from Facebook. If you don’t want to be active on Twitter then don’t be on Twitter. Twitter isn’t going to make or break your business. In fact, most businesses probably don’t need to be there. But if you’re going to be there, be there, don’t just serve me stuff from your Facebook Page. I ain’t down with that.

Who are some of your favorite twitter users?

I think if you’re a business who wants to learn how to do it right, follow @Boloco. In fact, follow Boloco on every social network and do as they do. I also think the social media team at Constant Contact (@ConstantContact) does an amazing job at sharing content that small businesses can actually use to improve their businesses. I know, it sounds like a shameless plug but if you’re looking for that type of stuff, check ’em out.

Otherwise, I really use Twitter as a feed for the blogs, websites, news outlets I like. I’m kinda getting burnt out with all the personal sharing on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, it’s just too much…

Do you have a website you would like to promote?

If you’re looking for small business marketing advice, check out blogs.constantcontact.com. If not, you can follow me on twitter @RyanPinkham or find me on Google+ (+RyanPinkham).

One comment

  • Ryan’s twitter feed is fantastic-I love al his social marketing and networking tips and just wish there were more hours in the day to read all the business advice links he provides!!


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