The Boulevard 1922 From Mary White via Fred Bodin

Fred writes-

This photo was emailed to me by Mary White of Gloucester.


Western Avenue, Gloucester, 1922

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Who can come up with a present day photo from the same perspective with the same houses we can identify from the 1922 photo from Mary White.


  • I posted this photo on my Facebook Page yesterday, and got this comment from T.j. Orlando about the building on the far right and on the water: “From what my grandmother told me there was a candy store that was on the water side of the boulevard and she showed me a pic once and i think that building is it. Most of the houses that were on the water side of the boulevard were moved up to Mansfield Street.”


  • Bingo on the candy store. My parents both grew up going to Teddy Barker’s store. Re: identifying the houses: We can’t really, as nearly all shown in the photo were rolled to other locations to create the Boulevard. Interesting to see the rope walk on the Tavern end of the picture. The last piece of it was removed to the yard behind 57 Western Ave to be used as a barn, and was subsequently torn down. I love Fred’s and other’s old Gloucester photos!


  • My father bought a house on Mansfield that was moved up from Boulevard in 1935 after leaving the Fort area.( once the Italians were allowed to move out of the Fort area.)


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