Peace- Love- Tolerance- GMG MLK Day Recognition


Beth Swan Comes through with yet another awesome GMG logo design.

Beth writes-

Today is MLK Jr Day. It is about love, forgiveness, tolerance, and diversity. There is this awesome thing happening where people are taking the challenge to do 100 Acts of Kindness between tomorrow and Valentines Day.  Perhaps we should all be doing this anyway, but I think it’s great and the more focus we can have on that – the better!

Lesson Plan
Living the Dream: 100 Acts of Kindness


  • Colors United Martin’s Dream

    By Peter Todd

    We search for colors to see

    Such as the ocean’s and the hue of Liberty

    There is still one outstanding color

    That represents life and humans such as we

    That of the color of blood Jesus shed

    On that dark day that represents inhumanity

    We see the color of purple its stature grand

    Within the color Yellow of earths sand

    Brown, Black, Red and Tan in Martin’s dream

    United skins of colors of our Creator’s land

    You see Martin dream is God’s reality

    For all of his children bleed the same as he

    Our Savior died on Faith’s Calvary’s tree

    Lift up your voices high and pray to the Lord

    Martin’s dream in truth reveals

    Hatred of indifference is of the Devil’s sword


  • Beautiful post and design Beth.


  • Well done, and well said!


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