My View and poll. Last Chance to Vote!

Last Chance to Vote! Poll ends at 12 midnight.

Keep me, Dump me or send me to Florida. It’s your choice and I will go with the final vote. You can trust me on that. Thanks to all that have voted so far.

Lately I’ve been dealing with almost the same decision as Fr. Green.  Actually, I had the same thoughts as Fr. Green. But, in the opposite way. I feel GMG has gone too “Nicey, Nice”.

When I first started we had a great time Busting each others cojohnes. Dead Seagulls, Rotting heron, Bathroom humor, etc.. I can understand Fr. Green’s concern because of the business he’s in. But I don’t have a higher authority to answer too, other than Joey C. Oh yeah and my Wife. I’m glad he decided to stay and share his work with everyone.
Joey once told me that some of my posts have cost GMG some readers. That’s a little hard to believe.  Below is some examples of the said posts and also a poll inspired by Fr Green.

Below is one of my firsts posts;

You Gotta Love Him!

No Matter What He’s Doing,

Joey’s Always Working Hard To Bring You Great Content!

Thanks Joey!


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