I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid!

While enjoying a Fisherman’s brew at Stone’s Pub this fall with Ed, he introduces me to Brian O’Connor aka brianmoc. Since I have seen way too many photos and mp3 movies of Brian reeling in very large striped bass while standing on a wet rock I mention that since I grew up in graniteless Woods Hole fishing I was finding it a challenge fishing from rocks at Andrews Point and I ask for advice. He told me I had to be an idiot if I fished those rocks without wearing a pair of corkers. I prefer not to be an idiot so I asked what a corker was. He spelled it out to me. Korkers with a K. So I asked Santa for a pair and I finally got to try them out even though I didn’t have a rod in my hand.

krokersBrian was right, I was an idiot. Fortunately, my idiocy was curable. These things are nothing short of awesome. Low tide I walked directly across multiple bands of dry and wet strips of grey, green, black, slimy, greasy rocks like I was Spiderman. I even tried out the icy rocks.  Not a problem.

Details: the ones pictured are strap on “Rocktrax Plus Korkers“. 28 carbide steel points in each foot. The boots are a pair I picked up at Olympia Sports (Gloucester Crossing) in a two for one sale they had and I think now they are going to be married to my korkers.

Warning: I feel invincible with these on but as you can see I do try to keep my stupidity from killing me so I take all the advice I can get. I know that these will help me from slipping on the axle grease that grows on the rocks around here but it will not protect me from getting  nailed by that rogue wave and getting tossed in the drink if I don’t pay attention. So even with these on, be careful out there. Brian’s exact advice was, “never turn your back on the water.”

Rubber Duck is not pictured since her korkers have not arrived.


  • way to go stupid!! 🙂 Now i will take you fishing any time. 😛 🙂


    • Brian you ignorant bastard. Didn’t I just explain how I am not stupid? There’s no cure for stupid. I’m fixable.
      You’re on for the fishing. You may not want to go with me in the spring since most people around here tell me I am eating bait. Nothing tastier than a fresh caught pollock or mackerel fried up for breakfast.


    • Hey Brian… just don’t be showing all of GMG all of your honey holes. Not much room left on some of those rocks as it is already….


  • When the MVP Sports store off Rt 128 was going under, I went and bought two pair of “corkers” for short money. Later, I bought a pair of boots with Velcro–type bottoms for fishing off Andrew’s Point. All good investments. But I learned the hard way. While shooting for the former owners of the Yankee Clipper Inn (the wonderful Bob and Barbara Ellis), I walked out onto nearby rocks to take a photo. I slipped, dropped my camera and equipment bag, and, all alone, literally crawled back to my car. The only damage done was to my hip and leg, which were black & blue for six weeks. If you see a rock that looks even remotely damp — “Don’t go there!”


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