North Shore Kid Comes Through Again- Beginning Winter Birding At Halibut Point State Park

You know there is one singular site that when I’m trying to figure out something to do with the kids other than sitting around the house playing board games- North Shore Kid

The way Bill and Kelly have the site laid out, easy to navigate, highly searchable and always with direct links to the Children activity host’s website.  It’s just such a treasure trove of information for busy parents looking for fun educational stuff to do with their family.

So the kids are on a three day weekend and The Mrs is great about making sure they get outside but had been scratching her head as to what to do.  I go to the handy NorthShoreKid link in the sidebar on GMG, and lo and behold North Shore Kid is featuring a story about Beginning Birding at Halibut State Park.

Perfect, dress warm, get outside, see some cool migratory birds that happen to be stopping off at Halibut Point State Park and then hit one of the local coffee shops for some hot chocolate.

#Boom!  Thank you North Shore Kid.

Click here to go to North Shore Kid and get all the details for yourself and while you’re there bookmark it.  It’s definitely bookmark worthy!

Beginning winter birding is held on the 3rd Sunday of each Winter month

Photo Bill O’Connor, North Shore Kid

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