Video- Fred Bodin’s Ride To Work In the Snow

Fred writes-

This morning I commuted to work on the bus. The newly fallen snow was beautiful. My camera was in the backpack, so I filmed the ride from Folly Cove to Downtown Gloucester, including Lanesville, Annisquam, Bay View, Riverdale, and the City. Enjoy! — at Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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  • Fred, thanks very much for this video — it has been a long time since I have seen Cape Ann in the winter. It sure is beautiful!
    From far-off Seattle, a little warmer, but greyer –


    • Hi Bill, It’s colder here, maybe a little more sun, and we’ve got GMG radio on all the time. We’ll be your East Coast connection.


  • Great video! It’s hard to imagine a more pleasant commute on a snowy day! Thanks!


  • I loved the video! Thanks for posting it! I’m 1000 miles away in Indianapolis and I miss Cape Ann alot, but I’ll be back in the Spring! It looks beautiful there—-love the architecture of the old houses and the ocean with the snow! You did a great job! I’ll come in your shop in May! Thanks!


    • Hi Jackie! Thanks for your appreciation and compliments on my “Winter Ride” video. My first obstacle was the tinted window on the bus, but at least it was clean. The second was holding the camera at a consistent and steady position by hand close to the window. Amazingly, the window tinting didn’t ruin the view, and the bus vibration didn’t make it too shaky. I discovered that it was better not to brace your arms on any part of the vehicle, but freely hold the camera close to the window (to minimize reflections), thus using your body as a shock/vibration absorber. I held this position for 17+ minutes, and boy did my left arm ache. It was worth it. Thank you all so much! Fred


      • Fred if you have a few sheckles to invest a cheap clamp mount will improve the quality of your videos many times over much like a tripod will do for photography.

        Probably the easiest way to take a better shot is to do whatever it takes to stabilize the camera, using a tripod, clamp, mount, set it on a flat surface and set the timer to trigger the flash.

        I use the Kayalu nClamp for my road videos but there are a ton of different types of clamps and mounts available for not a ton of money.

        Like if you were going to buy a $300 camera, you would be better off buying a $270 camera and a small collapsible tripod. You’ll get better results hands down. I’m a sucker for gadgets for sure but there’s no denying. Some of my favorite mounts that I own and carry are the Manfrotto modopocket, the Kayalu nClamp, and the Pedco Ultrapod II for under $20


        • I agree. I frequently recommend a tripod to novice photographers, not only to capture sharper pictures, but to slow down their picture taking. This makes them to think about the content in the viewfinder. I have big and bigger tripods, but no clamps. In the CATA bus, however, a clamp would have made the video worse, because my hand-held camera absorbed the vibrations and bumps by the seat and my body. IMHO, I think that clamping onto a part of the bus would have made it much worse. However, in 99% of picture taking situations you are absolutely right. Use the tripod for optimum sharpness (and to slow down the process to think about the image). I’ll soon be doing a Cape Ann by Night photo series, and I’ll be using my trusty Leitz Tiltall tripod. This discussion is good for all photographers.


        • Ill let you borrow mine. Just give it a try. The back of my F150 is pretty bumpy but the clamp seems to smooth it out.


  • I’ve driven this route many times, however, it’s great to be a passenger sometimes! Lots of beautiful old Victorian houses too!


  • Beautiful! I love snowy landscapes and neighborhoods!


  • That was great! I love so many of the houses that you filmed and would love to move there again! Oh well!


  • Thanks, Fred for the beautiful video; I think you did a Herculean job of holding the camera steady for all of that time! On Saturdays I often take the Lanesville bus ride home to Rockport-your trip in reverse- and I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of it all.


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