Steven J Restmeyer Reaches Out On Behalf Of Cape Ann Wild Bird Rescue

Dear Joey,

   If you’ve ever found an injured bird on Cape Ann and tried to find a place to bring it, you know Jodi Swenson, the founder of the Cape Ann Wild Bird Rescue Center.

It sounds like a fancy place but in reality, it’s just her rented home that she shares with the many birds that she rehabilitates. She funds the center mostly with the proceeds she makes from repairing fine china. She is now facing the possibility of losing this rented facility due to foreclosure. People close to Jodi, including me, have decided not to wait and have been circulating an online petition addressing the State Government on all levels. It would be great if Bank Of America came to the rescue. WIth an advertising budget well over a billion dollars per year, BoA can afford to not only GIVE her the title, free and clear, but offer to fund her operation with a supporting grant. If we can offer BoA the press coverage that would warrant such an expense, we believe it would be in their best interest to do just that. 

    That’s why we are contacting you today. What would live on Cape Ann be like without all the birds that fill the sky with sound and sights of their ever present beauty. Please help us help Jodi help these little feathered friends.

Thank you

Please sign and share this petition. This rescue center is a critical part of Cape Ann and Jodi Swenson has committed her life and personal resources to saving thousands of injured and orphaned birds, one bird at a time. Each bird she saves, multiplies in 5 years to an additional 1,000 birds when factoring their offsprings offspring and taking into consideration that about half would survive. The number of birds that she has helped over the years is staggering. Let’s help her continue helping wildlife on Cape Ann

Here is the link to the petition.

Thank you, 

   Steven J Restmeyer


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