P&V’s LOL #9: Your view of life is based on the direction your head is pointed

Ever notice how kids are always thinking and talking about the future?  That’s because their heads are pointed that way (toward the future, that is).  Makes sense, since most of their life is ahead of them.  Having their heads all pointed toward the future shapes their view of life — and the way they put 2 and 2 together.

Here’s just one example:
It’s 1985 and my oldest is 3.  Being exceedingly proud of herself for having just learned our phone number, she wants show off by calling Mom from a play-date.  Great idea.  She asks to use the neighbor’s phone and calls home, excited to dial the number herself and thrilled when Mom answers.  A few days later, we’re at home and she has a question for Mom.  “Well she’s out doing errands now, so we’ll have to wait until she gets home,” I explain.  “Why don’t I just call her?” she replies as she picks up the phone and dials our number, which gives her a busy signal. “What’s wrong with the phone?  Why doesn’t Mom answer?”

At three years old, she’s predicting the future we’ve grown accustomed to today, where kids can call their moms any time they want regardless of where Mom is.  Whether or not this is a good thing is highly debatable, but that’s for another post.

While kids are unwittingly predicting the future, many of their grandparents’ heads seem to be pointed toward the past. “When I was your age …”

It happens to all of us as we age.  Once we get to the point where the bulk of our life feels like it’s in the past, we’re tempted to look back more often than we look forward — and that shapes our view of life.

Here are three examples of Gloucester people with heads pointed toward the future.  The Wilkins Noise takes over hosting Open Jamm at the Rhumb Line tonight and J.B. Amero takes Dan King’s seat tomorrow, joining Dave Brown, Dave Mattacks & Wolf Ginandes at Jalapenos.  Live music in Gloucester continues (see schedule here) even though we will all miss our friend Dan King, who flies out to make his mark on L.A. tomorrow, head squarely pointed toward his future.  Bon Voyage, Dan.  Come back soon!

Here’s a video of one of Dan’s songs we’ve all come to know and love

Now just because we have a peek at the past, doesn’t mean we have to keep our heads pointed in that direction . . .


  • You left out the people who have their heads pointed up their ass. What are they looking towards.?


  • Thanks for this lovely & thoughtful reminder to all. It’s ok to look back on fond memories; however, I believe we always need to ‘live life’ looking forward, in order to really ‘live’.
    One of my favorite sayings is: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”
    Life needs to be lived forward, to the fullest each day — & with our yet-to-come dreams to always look forward to. Don’t let weeds grow around your dreams.


  • You don’t know what your talking about and full of crap, all generation of people have seen the future and acted on it . Most are sleep and wait for them to be told what to do. Grow up.


  • Being natives of Beverly, Manchester and Gloucester, we certainly enjoy all your articles of our old stomping grounds and looking at the past adds to our delight of where we are now!! We live in NC but are FROM The Nawth Showah!!!
    Thank you for all your contributions to this GMG~~


  • Great story and obvservation. Kind of like technology. “Thats just the way it should work”


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