Bird Watchers: Beware Rogue Waves

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I found this post on a bird watching site I follow:


I was birding in Gloucester yesterday when I encountered a woman at Eastern Point who had been swept off the jetty by a big wave.  She’d made her way back onto the shelf alongside the jetty, and I was able to get her from there to safety, but it’s a useful reminder that many of the places we bird can be dangerous, and this jetty is one of them.  In particular, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to the tides before you venture close to the water, especially in winter.

JF McCoy

Friday, Dec. 21, 2012


  • JF McCoy: That was my sister you found. She said someone helped her – – thank you. Susan W


  • My good old friend, Bill Collins, who grew up near Eastern Point, told me about being swept off
    Dog Bar Breakwater into the harbor side, but managed to climb onto the inner shelf, just like your friend. He had a heavy winter jacket on, and could have drowned, just like her. I’d agree with looking out for high tides, but would also recommend a PFD or Float Coat at all times. Not just on Eastern Point, but on every shoreline. Birders, fishermen, photographers, bathers, picnickers, and observers – you can’t see or anticipate the next big wave or a slippery rock. It might have your name (and your companion’s) on it, and I’d hate to read about you in the Police Notes or the Obituaries. It happens here in New England all too often, year ’round.


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