A Couple Of Notes About The 2013 Golden Globes

As far as award shows go ever since Ricky Gervais took over 4 years a go and now with Amy Poelher and Tina Fey taking over the hosting duties along with the nominations and award winners I feel like even though winning an Oscar has more cache I would a hundred times rather watch the Golden Globes.

The Oscars have just become way too pompous and arrogant as opposed to the more fun Golden Globes.

  • Ben Affleck winning best director for Argo was fantastic as a bitch slap to the Oscar snub even though I’m not particularly a Ben Affleck fan.
  • Jodie Foster came out in her acceptance speech.  Wait, what? This is news?   We didn’t know she was gay like 20 years ago????
  • This morning the television fashion critics awarded Hugh Jackman as best dressed man.  Now I have no idea how you award this category.  Women wear any different type of dress and you could easily critique their  style.  But a Tux on a man is a Tux on a man.  So I guess you give it to the best looking guy wearing a not  screwed-up tux.

There are two categories of Tuxedos.  A Tux, or some crazy variation of a tux where you look like an idiot.

There’s no gray area.

A Tux-


Not A Tux



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