Rainbows and Butterflies and Unicorns, Oh My

I was thinking, instead of the rubber duck race for charity maybe we could instead get together and make rainbow cakes.

I found this wonderful pinterest board that specializes in todays wonderful kinder gentler Good Morning Gloucester Theme-

Rainbows and Butterflies and Unicorns, Oh My

Check out this wonderful wonderful pinterest board-


So wonderful.  I love rainbows.  They make me happy.


  • Lala land….


  • Too much sun, eh? Ok, going with the flow……
    Sunshine, Lollipops, & Rainbows, and Butterflies and Unicorns …… even with Mr. Rogers! Although I have to tell you, re Mr.Rogers: A friend of mine used to say that after a day at home with her two little toddlers, when she’d turn on Mr. Rogers, it was the most soothing & relaxing thing she’d experienced all day.
    All that aside, let’s get back to the REAL GMG.
    But, thanks for such a fun excursion into ‘political correctness’. (:
    PS: That kitty isn’t cute. And, the ‘My Little Pony’ song is like recorded Chinese water torture. Try listening to that little ditty over & over & over …..
    PPS: I do love real rainbows, though!


  • Bah to the rainbows and lollipops and unicorns Utilize the ducks – you want to get them out of your office, don’t you???


  • What’s the connection between the rainbow (flag) and gays?
    How did the term gay come to mean homosexual?


  • I for one thought it was refreshing


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