This Blog May Not Be For You

If you have been here for a while and can’t distinguish between politically incorrect humor and real life fact based journalism this blog may not be for you.

This is taken from my response to Cynthia Hill who for whatever reason hasn’t quite figured out the difference and more often than not in the comment section feels the need to scold me. ; I just don’t have the energy to spell every thing out for her every time she writes in to complain.

To those that can’t distinguish between the two or are so sensitive that they are offended by obvious liberties taken in the name of ball busting or humor there are much more generic feel good all the time blogs where delicate sensibilities won’t be offended.

We get to do politically incorrect. ; The Times, The Globe, The Post, The Journal doesn’t. ; ; ;

Here you go in case you are one of those that hasn’t figured it out yet-


I’d like to think the GMG readership gets it but you take everything so literally it’s exhausting having to explain the obvious jokes to your politically correct self.

Should I also take the time to explain to folks that might have thought I’m actually outraged at the Cambridge Health Officials endorsement of banning large sodas that its more about making fun of how ridiculous the notion that we need public health officials to dictate what goes into our bodies while I lay laughing on the beach as I write the piece ; pouring down super sugary girly-man drinks? ; Not Offended Like The Title of The Post Said. ; Also not serious when I point out that they should mandate that 7-11 stores be required to pass out super sized snickers bars with every 64 ounce Big Gulp. ; If you need me to spell this out for you- this blog probably isn’t for you.

Cambridge Health Experts Back Ban On Big Sodas and I’m Outraged

Should I actually take the time to explain that in my “Poop vs Lysol” post yes, Poop vs Lysol that I don’t really go down on my elbows commando style to exit bathrooms to escape poop/lysol smells? ; If you don’t understand that when I say “drop down commando style to avoid the poop/lysol smell” it’s taking some liberties to illustrate a point then this blog probably isn’t for you.

Poop and Lysol- The Poll

Do people still not get that this is a blog meant for entertainment in which everyone including myself gets skewered in the name of fun? ; If you can’t take a good natured ribbing like then this blog probably isn’t for you.

Have you not seen my rants about my terrible nosehair, male pattern baldness, armpit hair, ect, ect, ect? Do you not read the ball busting that goes on in the comment sections?

Jesus I’m Disgusting- Male Armpit Hair Poll

Please, if we cant laugh at ourselves and the rest of the worlds imperfections then maybe the people that don’t get that GMG is not Time or Newsweek, it’s for fun and you suck the joy right out of it when you and the politically correct folk like you can’t grasp the incorrect part of Politically Incorrect humor. ;

You say in your many critical comments on my rants that I need to get over myself. No, the folks that take every obviously outrageous rant and try to turn it into something serious that a politician is lobbying for need to get off their high horse and understand that this for entertainment, not politics. I cant stand politics.

Cynthia Hill,

Maybe this blog isn’t for you.

Update: Good sport Cynthia Hill walkin the walk submits-



  • Sorry you had to waste your precious time on such nonsense.


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  • Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end….


  • Well it sure is for me ! I may not comment all the time–and sometimes it’s because I can’t stop laughing long enough to type


  • Joey, Personally, I love your good-humored rants for exactly the reasons you point out in this letter.


  • I’m a huge fan of both your humor (and all your other contributing bloggers) and the public announcements. I don’t think you should have to explain it all the time either. If you are a faithful reader, you already know what you are in for, and personally, I love it! Thanks. Enjoy your girly-man drinks on the beach!


  • Agree Joey, there are so many more important issues in the world so to have fun with this wonderful blog is a blast, as far as big sodas, if you want to drink that soda, do it and then complain that they are gaining weight and cannot figure it out.


  • Let’s look at the true definition of a blog shall we… “a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.”
    So if they don’t like what you write don’t read it! Gawd!
    End of story! 🙂


  • Thank you for sharing your blog with the rest of us Joey-never change. Boring, you are not!


  • I like the mix of community posts, photos, local info and humor. From cooking, fundraisers to poop jokes and pictures of gloucester at dawn… It’s what makes the blog so interesting that you come back several times per day.

    I wouldn’t waste my time justifying myself to someone like that. She can go and read somewhere else!!!


  • I love all the blogs. And especially appreciate the great write ups for my sisters cafe: Fort Square! Thumbs up Joey!!


  • The thing that drove us to this blog and keeps us reading it is the good natured kidding around, the don’t take yourself too seriously attitude and the we’re all in this together attitude. And let’s be real Joey has gotten some real good stuff done for this community, just by being himself. He doesn’t have to do this blog, he doesn’t have to promote and support businesses, help out our non profits, get huge media publicity for the city etc etc etc but thank god he does. And thank god that in between all that civic minded social media extraordinaire stuff he reminds us that none of us shit roses.


  • Your vacation rants and political in-correctness has been about the only bright spot in this icky January, 6 months until summer, wind chill frozen week. It makes for a fantastic daily read. Keep pissing people off. This is FUN! Enjoy your girly-man drinks, keep typing, and don’t forget to properly sunscreen the Mrs. XOXO


  • The only part I had some confusion about was Joey’s definition of Political Correctness but I think I finally figure it out. What was and wasn’t politically correct seemed to be all over the place but the one definition that seems to fit, “Politically Correct: Joey thinks it’s stupid.” Now it all makes sense. 😉


  • need to be part of THE FIVE


  • Good for you Cynthia! You can give it and you can take it. This blog’s for you, and I hope you don’t get the flu!


  • Funny thing about humor..You either get it or you don’t!.


  • Brings to mind the person who. a while ago, wrote a nasty “anonymous ” letter to a Newton MA neighbor complaining about the “ugly” pink flamingos she’d dared put on her snow covered lawn ( to cheer up the winter blues.) Said neighbor who had received the letter then published it in a local newspaper.
    Guess what…
    suddenly every house had their own flock of pink plastic flamingos on their lawns too! Great solidarity here. .


  • Yep, you are so right……Joey! I don’t get what’s gotten into you…man have you changed!

    I generally enjoy your wit and baldness, but Don’t think my comments were worthy of Your verbal assault, on me or anyone else!

    As you feel you need to remind us, this is your blog…. Go for it, but I’m out.

    There are so many great lines here but I’ll pass …….

    Good luck with your Dad. Cynthia

    Sent from Cynthia’s IPhone


  • Keep rockin’, Joey! GMG makes every day better.
    A blog is just like the TV, if you don’t like what on, tune out.


  • I’m not sure I understand- Ms. Hill can call you out on many of your posts but when the tables are turned, it’s shame on you? If you don’t want to be “verbally assaulted” keep your opinions to yourself OR keep your name anonymous. It’s quite simple.
    Your blog is full of energy, thanks to you and your amazing contributors. You keep me laughing every day and wanting to come back for more…me and the other 60,000 daily visitors. Keep doing what you’re doing…please and thank you.


  • Joe,
    Best read I have had in awhile… when people don’t get it!!! Makes me laugh…..Thank you!!


  • Funny thing about people thinking some posts are politically incorrect is that I’m sure it’s what they’re really thinking but afraid to say it themselves. Good for you for Joey! Just say it like it is. Nobody said they have to agree. And thank you for GMG. I look forward to it every morning when I arrive to work.


  • Funny thing about people thinking some posts are politically incorrect is that I’m sure it’s what they’re really thinking but afraid to say it themselves. Good for you Joey! Just say it like it is. Nobody said they have to agree. And thank you for GMG. I look forward to it every morning when I arrive to work.


  • Sarcasm is often lost on the internet. You can post things safe in the knowledge that it’s bullshit but it won’t always come across like you were hoping, since readers don’t have the same context as you do. Don’t blame them for not knowing. Just something I’d recommend keeping in mind.


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