• Very cool – love it!!!


  • Wow E.J.! Gorgeous, wonderful texture and color!


  • Is there an official scientific term for that sand pattern?
    Does a mackeral sky looks a bit like that?


    • It does look like a mackeral sky. I found this, which I think answers your question about the sand patterns created by waves.
      The movement of sediment parallel to the shore by wave action is called longshore drift. A wave that washes across a beach face at an angle carries sand at that angle until it has lost all its energy; at that point, the water returns to the sea by running straight down the face of the beach into the surf zone. This process constantly moves sand across the beach face. The sand is carried the same way by the next wave, and moves across the face in a series of arcs. Called beach drift, this zig-zag pattern can transport sand and pebbles hundreds of meters a day along the beach.


  • Thanks Ann and Jenn. Annisquam Light is one of those things I never tire of photographing, and it is always different, depending on time of day, tide, weather, season and perspective.


  • I like how the remaining water on the beach reflects the sky. Lots going on in this photo.


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