Lunch with Marty Luster

fred_marty luster

Marty Luster and I had lunch and a beer at the Seaport Grille on Wednesday. We don’t really know each other well, but in spirit we’re certainly aligned. He has a freakin’ ton of life experience, me only a fraction of that, but I’ve got lots of pro photo experience under my belt. In the two hours we spent at the table, there were never 3 seconds of awkward silence with nothing to talk about. After we finished eating, Marty ordered tea, and I asked if I could take his picture with his Fuji X100, which he is generously letting me test out. I have to confess – I practiced the basics of that camera beforehand, so I wouldn’t seem a fool. This is the 5th photo Fred had taken with this camera. So my picture tells the story: Here’s a guy who’s straight up, stand up honest, very smart, caring, generous, and would do ANYTHING for you. I KNOW this kind of person, and they’re ALWAYS from Gloucester. That’s Marty Luster.
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
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