Is it strange that I enjoy writing on vacation at a beach destination?

I can’t tell you how psyched I am when I finish writing a post like the upcoming Poop vs Lysol post or the MFers Dropping Like Flies post or the St Lucia vs Turks vs Playa post.  I get this great accomplished feeling.

I get to write while the Mrs is sleeping or reading her books all day long and don’t have the duty of work which allows me the time to write what I want to write.

Creators gotta create.  I know my oldest, The Bean has this blessing/curse.  You just have to be creating and if you don’t you get depressed.  The Bean needs to be creating at all times while Snoop Maddie Mad could just chill all day long.  Two very different children I have.

Like right now, it’s 7:29AM on Tuesday as I write this and I’ve already edited two prior posts that have been scheduled for future time slots.  Been up since 5AM banging away and couldn’t be happier.  While on vacation.

I don’t know what it is but just like the Bean, I’d go stir crazy just laying in bed when I could be creating.

I might make a line of T-Shirts-




I’ve spoken with EJ about this at length and I think it’s true for any creative person be it artist, musician, writer, photographer, even business people.  I know there is not much more aggravating than being stifled when you have ideas and are kept from acting on them by time constraints, or for whatever reason.  When a truly creative person is stifled it’s tough for them to feel fulfilled.


  • You need to get a writers hut and park that thing on the dock and spend 30 minutes in there a day… oh yeah and not everyone is going to love what you write and will let you hear about it on a blog! just like you are voicing your opinion, they will voice theirs.


    • Just like trying to speak when you have nothing to say, you do it anyway, writers should put their cover on the Smith-Carona but they play kitten on the keys anyway.


  • Creatahs gotta create……always….anywhere….anytime. Pay no nevermind to the poops that don’t understand. Wait a minute, poops……let me tell you about poops. No wait, that’s another blog…..


  • Creators do have to create! Period!
    And, when you get an uninterrupted chance to do so, it’s a great feeling. Not being able to create is a feeling only creative people understand.
    Keep on keepin’ on!


  • Joey … strange no; it’s nature telling you: writing IS your vacation — the place you go to renew your spirit, and remember who you are, so you can return to your mundane activities replenished.


  • Joey,
    Point well spoken and it so resonates with me! I recently met with another artist friend and had a similar conversation. The unfortunate thing is that only creative people understand the issue of feeling compelled to create or act on idea or whatever it is. It’s something inside you that you have to act on. Others that don’t understand view it as selfish ambition, or self-centeredness. The issue is quite a challenge when you have a family – you need to make sure that you’re taking care of them and at the same time fulfilling your creative indulgences…. This is my current challenge…..


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