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MFers Dropping Like Flies

I’m shocked snd appalled. Ordered up this tuna salad with Thai peanut dressing and there wasnt a single placard or mention on the menu reminding people to ask their server if the Tuna salad with Thai peanut sauce had peanuts … Continue reading

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Offshore Gillnetting On George’s Bank 1980

Tuffy writes- Offshore gillnetting on georg

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Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes Circa 1932 Frank E Davis Fish Co Part 11- Herring

Thanks to Clark Dexter who dropped off this booklet filled with old fish recipes and some commentary from the man himself- Frank E Davis. The man who built the last building that was on I4C2- The Frank E Davis Fish … Continue reading

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One of life’s great mysteries. ..

Inevitably every vacation no matter where the destination this scene plays out- We set up on the beach, tip the guy to bring the umbrella and table set-up and settle in for a tough day.  We walk to the most … Continue reading

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Another fashion update

First the skinny Jeans, Yoga Pants, Crouch Gusset pants and now there are Meggings.  Meggings are: Meggings are real, and they’re getting an increasing amount of attention because of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz. Proud “meggers” are all … Continue reading

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Lunch with Marty Luster

Marty Luster and I had lunch and a beer at the Seaport Grille on Wednesday. We don’t really know each other well, but in spirit we’re certainly aligned. He has a freakin’ ton of life experience, me only a fraction … Continue reading

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Pretty Sky and Sand Designs

E.J. Lefavour http://www.khanstudiointernational.com

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Beautiful Gloucester Gulls from Donna, Sharon, Mark, Len, Ann, David, and Nicole

WOW!! Thank you for sharing your Gorgeous Homie photos!!! A second batch of new photos will be posted on Saturday.  The above photo comes from Mark Lombard and the below photo, of seagulls in the snow, is from Donna Ardizonni. … Continue reading

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Kid-Friendly-Music Wave Continues & 3 music videos

Weather forecasters call it a heatwave around here when it’s over 90 °F (32.2 °C) for three days in a row. For the past 3 days, we’ve had good music starting early enough to take the kids out, so I’m declaring it a … Continue reading

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It’s gonna be a wild kinda raise the roof night ~ Tonight @ The Rhumb Line’s Blues Party 9:00pm

Dave says, I’ve just about recovered from last week’s controlled explosion, so I’m ready to jump off that fiscal cliff once again to present to you that rat-a-tat rascal of the surf ‘n’ turf guitar: Mr. Bobby Davis. It’s gonna … Continue reading

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Download Of The Day “The Lumineers – “Flowers In Your Hair” Tour Video”

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Is it strange that I enjoy writing on vacation at a beach destination?

I can’t tell you how psyched I am when I finish writing a post like the upcoming Poop vs Lysol post or the MFers Dropping Like Flies post or the St Lucia vs Turks vs Playa post.  I get this … Continue reading

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Speaking of origami boxes… and my upcoming class

This cool origami Jack-in-the-box was designed by Max Hulme.  I really like this design because it is structurally very clean and logical, and very effective, folded from a single uncut 2×1 rectangle of wrapping paper (15″x7.5″). The instructions are in Eric … Continue reading

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Where Zat? #2 – The Rudder! MAJack and 8 others got the correct answer!

16 Responses to Where Zat? #2  To see more answers, click here! Thanks for playing!!! See you next week! Bradley Scheetz says: January 9, 2013 at 9:04 am (Edit) Is this a photo of home on Grapevine Road (on the Wonson Cove end)? Reply MAJack says: January … Continue reading

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East Gloucester School Family Night- Monday

Sent in From Alicia Cox of Mamie’s Kitchen: ~Alicia

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Brewing Up Some Glosta Joe’s Perfect Storm Using A Keurig Single Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

At the dock I have a $20 cheapo coffee maker for when I can’t get to The Lone Gull or Cape Ann Coffee or Pleasant St but at the house The Mrs had been hinting that she wanted a Keurig.  … Continue reading

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This Blog May Not Be For You

If you have been here for a while and can’t distinguish between politically incorrect humor and real life fact based journalism this blog may not be for you. This is taken from my response to Cynthia Hill who for whatever … Continue reading

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The Bean Vs Daddy- Jenga Deathmatch

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Frank Destino Memorial/ Celebration Slated For Jan 27th at Bass Rocks Golf Club

Tucker Destino submits- Hi Joe, We will be having a memorial/celebration for my uncle Frank Destino on Sunday, January 27th at 12pm at Bass Rocks Golf Club. We are reaching out to GHS Athletic Alumni and people of Gloucester who … Continue reading

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