You know what my favorite is?

My favorite is when an organization or business is in crisis mode and reaches out to me for help.

I drop what I’m doing bang out a post to our 45-60,000 daily readers, email the GMG team to get on it, and then when there’s a satisfactory resolution despite that organization having a solid social media platform, that organization not mentioning once on any of their social media platforms any type of retweet on twitter, like or Facebook, nothing.

Nary a mention.

I’ll be sure to go out of my way next time.



  • Your frustration is understandable, but is it possible that the person that reached out to you is not the same person that manages the social media platform? It could be just a case of people (probably tireless volunteers) not connecting. Thanks for all that you and the GMG crew to keep our community informed with what is going on out there.


    • Maybe it’s that or maybe they are just so self absorbed that they don’t give a fuck.

      In which case going forward maybe I wont give a fuck about going out of my way for them.


  • Pat Sheedy Conant

    I appreciate your perspective but crisis is sometimes blinding. Anyone who doubts the impact of your blog is not functioning in reality. Enjoy your r and r.


  • uh oh…


  • BOOM! straight talk from ‘the MAN’! you’re supposed to be on vacation. Deb from Bananas thanks you. now, how about some pics of you and the wife enjoying your time away. 🙂


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