The Library and Librarians Are Flat Out Some Of The Greatest Local Resources Going- Poll


As I was preparing my list of books to take on vacation there was one I had at the top of that list- Adam Carolla’s Not Taco Bell Material.  Last year in Playa del Carmen I read his first book In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks and was laughing with every turn of the pages.

No luck on the shelves locally, I headed to Barnes and Noble where it was also out of stock and since I was leaving in two days time there was no chance of ordering it in time to take it on vacation.

So the Mrs suggests ordering it to read on my iPad.  While she has a tendency to not take care of her electronics I don’t like taking mine to the beach.  Sand and saltwater and suntan lotion- just way too much chance of messing stuff up.  However when looking online at the Library inventory of availability I see my book available in hardback edition.

I place the book on hold at 7:30AM. Show up at 10:00AM and ask for the book.  It hadn’t been pulled from the shelf yet but the librarian (total unsung hero) walks around from behind the desk, goes and finds it for me, hands it to me and I straight up walk out.  With a $25 book.  For free.  Just by showing up! I gots it for three weeks.

Customer service?  You betcha!  With a smile.

I thanked him and told him I appreciate his service to the community.

Twenty Five Dollars Savings In My Pocket.

This is not to mention to the free museum passes that are always available, the cds you can take out and burn to your iTunes collection listen to before returning, art exhibits, lecture series, free wifi, ect, ect, ect…

Point is, the library isn’t just a place for the homeless to hang out once the shelter boots them out for the day.  It’s probably one of the greatest resources in the community and it’s free.  If you end up on the positive end of savings and all these resources, please consider giving back and supporting the library.



  • By having a Nook, I have been able to borrow library e-books for free for, literally, years. Kindle only just added library features in the last 6 to 9 months. iPad can host the Nook application.


  • We have the best librarians around–Linda, Christie, Jim, Valerie–everyone–thanks to Director Carol Gray and all the librarians for making a visit to the library a productive and enjoyable experience, and for keeping the library relevant. And thanks too for all the great programing–always so interesting and worthwhile!


  • You gladden this librarian’s heart, Joey.


  • YOur poll needed an “all the above.”


  • You’re right – the library is the greatest deal ever. Ever since I was 8 years old I’ve loved libraries and I have never had a bad experience in one. Librarians are a special breed who seem to always be happy to help patrons, even though they get little respect and less money. I’ve only been in Sawyer once, but I was impressed with the collection and the librarians were interested in my research and a great help. When half of Springfield lost power for a week last year the libraries stayed open so we could get warm and charge phones, laptops, etc. And it’s all free! They are hurting financially, though, so if you appreciate them they’d appreciate whatever you can donate!


  • I was president of the library for four years and I’m still on the board. The Sawyer Free is the only place in town where anyone, regardless of their station in life, can walk in and get great things for free, in return for the simple promise to bring them back.
    Many people do not realize that the Library is a joint public/private enterprise. The land and buildings are owned by the Corporation, made up of volunteer private citizens, most of the operating expenses are paid for by the City, currently underfunded according to state guidelines. All the recent renovations have been paid for with private money, but in addition to donations, the Library needs the political support of its patrons. Let the Mayor and your Councilors know how you feel about it.


  • Amen to Joey’s comment.
    The state runs a consortium connecting all the members. Massachusetts Library System. 1,700 members?
    I believe they all have access to each others stock inventory. Just may take a day or two.
    These are the members in Gloucester alone:
    Addison Gilbert Hospital, Medical Library Special-Medical
    Cape Ann Historical Association Special
    Gloucester High School, Elliot T. Parker Library Media Center School (Public High School)
    Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library Public
    We give books galore to children. “Pat the Bunny” and “Mr. Fix It” are two of my all timers. “Make Way for Ducklings” would be next. Sadly, somewhere it seems to stop. Yes, e books for commodity reading, but would you enjoy Ron Gilsons “An Island No More” as an ebook?


  • From the Sawyer Free Library Website: The North Of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE) is a cooperative effort of 28 area libraries founded to improve library service through automation. Seventeen public library members, ten academic libraries and one special library are members of NOBLE.
    I have borrowed may a book from other Noble libraries…and yes, it only takes a day or two…unless of course, the book in question is on a waiting list.


  • Not enough good things can be said about any library. It always amazes me that there are people in this world who don’t avail themselves of everything that their library has to offer. And yes librarians don’t get paid very much but are usually very happy to help you out with your requests.
    I live in Rockport and love our library, but last summer got a library card from Gloucester and can I just say that requesting books online from both systems is a joy and easy to do and a privilege!
    Every tax season I try to donate some money to the libraries.


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