• lora merchant kling

    Apparently there are a few different ways to walk on water in Gloucester! Gorgeous!! Thank you.


  • I learned to skate on Clark Pond as a kid…I would’ve gone over there this weekend if I realized the ice was sturdy enough!


  • I read too many sad stories last week of snow mobile riders going through the ice, sometimes one following the other. Fresh water does not freeze uniformly, due to currents and springs. They all thought the ice was thick. Just saying’.


    • Thanks Fred for the post, the guys skating on the ice asked me if I wanted to play hockey with them and declined for numerous reason but the ice to be was not thick enough, also Clark Pond has salt water..


      • Exactly Donna. No skater or snow mobile rider knows the thickness of the ice on the entire lake or pond. Brackish water makes the situation worse. What percentage of skaters and snow mobilers wear PFDs? As in the Rangely Lake (ME) disaster a few days ago, only the helmets floated to the surface. Gone:(


  • My dad always made me wait a for few extra days of freezing before he’d let me skate there, because of the brackish-ness. It was worth the wait, tho…it’s a great pond. I wasn’t sure if they still let folks skate there at all…but then again, we may have technically been tresspassing back in the 70’s, too…


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