Joanie On A Pony

Rubber Duck: “So when they installed Joanie did the town fathers consider that fact that every visitor to Gloucester’s first impression would be a very large horse’s ass or was it so Joanie could salute the Legion Hall?”

Kevin the Panda: “Sounds like a win win Rubber.”



  • When the Joan of Arc statue was hoisted onto her pedestal in 1921, the only land route to Gloucester Island was over the Blynman drawbridge. All traffic came up Stacy Boulevard and passed between Joan of Arc and the (now) Legion building. Since the A. Piatt Andrew bridge was built in 1953 as part of Route 128, traffic comes down Washington Street behind the statue.


    • Well dang Fred, I have heard explanations but that one makes the most sense and obvious since it is a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the great war and so predates the A. Piatt Andrew bridge.

      Now that the entrance of Gloucester is mainly from the horse’s rear has there been any talk of turning the whole thing around? One of these days Washington Street is going to have a facelift and it would be a good time to give Joanie a twirl. We could even recreate that “Granite Arch” made of wood that you have a print of. As I remember that arch stood right about where Joanie is now.


  • RD, don’t you think your perch is right in the path of a load of horseshit? Or are you immune to it because of all you get from Joey?

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  • I Kinda thought that when Annisquam summer resident, Anna Hyatt Huntington, who created this fantastic monument, and the first woman to get a major monumental statue commission (from France no less), was bucking the trend and that the installation in Gloucester was in a manner, flipping the bird sword to the American Legion and to all the daytrippers to Gloucester . Thanks for clearing it up Fred.
    Please leave the statue as it is folks, interpret it as you wish.


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