• I think GMG’s broadcast of the “Pandanapping” had a big influence on the final result. This could be a textbook example of what can happen in a community that has an active and community oriented blog site.


    • Thanks Fred, you are right


    • I just saw the report on WBZ. How fid no one tell me the Panda wad dumped off at our dock Captain Joe and Sons. And how has noone made yhr connection between us posting the reward notice yesterday and the Panda being dumped at our business???

      What are you guys sleeping over there?

      I gotta do this sleuthing from Turks???



      • I dropped the ball on that one boss. In my defense, when I went down to search for Kevin after getting the first report from Deb I only had Cripple Cove Art Studio as a guide. When I got down there I thought for sure the pandanappers had left Kevin up on the granite rock across the street so he could hang out with all the other toys on that hill. It was only in the past hour I saw that Kevin was actually dropped right in your driveway like he was waiting to buy lobsters wholesale at affordable prices.

        Doctor Watson I am not.


  • I was prayin’ this panda would be returned so glad the panda is back home amen lol


  • Rubber Duck just sprayed her warm milk and cookies all over my computer screen. This is seriously quacking her up.


  • i didn’t know about a reward or a missing Panda until it was shared by a facebook friend this morning. then i remembered seeing a bear at joey’s this morning. i posted this with pics on facebook this morning.


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