Local rising star profiled in Northshore Magazine

Chelsea Berry from the Northshore Magazine feature story

Last week (in this post) we warned you against waiting until the last minute to get tickets to see Chelsea Berry  at Shalin Liu on Feb 9.

You may have thought we were just helping  promote her concert, but you’d be wrong.  That concert will sell out.  Chelsea Berry doesn’t need our help promoting it.  That’s because she’s a rising star, which is precisely why Northshore Magazine chose to feature her in their latest issue (see here).

We posted the warning so you wouldn’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see her debut new music with her new band at one of the most spectacular venues anywhere on Earth.

It won’t be long before tickets to a Chelsea Berry concert will cost at least a hundred bucks, they’ll sell out in a day, and even if you’re lucky enough to get them, you’ll very likely be a lot farther from the stage than the last row at Shalin Liu is.  Plus you’ll have to drive an hour and pay for parking.

Don’t take our stellar talent and venues here on Cape Ann for granted.  Look at it this way: It’s a Sunday in the dead of winter, yet there’s plenty of good live music to choose from tonight.  See the lineup here.

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