HarborWalk Public Art Challenge Budgets $47,000- Call For Art FAQ Part 1


Catherine Ryan writes-

Hi Joey,

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that the Committee for the Arts has received from artists as they are going about applying for the Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge:

Topping the list: What if an artist has more than one proposal? What do they do?

Q: Can I propose more than one concept?
A: Yes. The Call specifies that artists may submit up to two (2) concept/proposals.For clarification, a submission may be submitted by a collaborative team, but each Artist may only be associated with up to two (2) proposals. However, do not enter two concepts in one proposal.

Q. Can I propose photography?

  1. Yes. From the complete call:


We’re talking sculpture, murals, light installations, dance performance, theater, print edition, symphony, etc, etc

“With the footprint for this CALL, there are unlimited possible exhibition and unexpected and surprising spaces for the creative art(s) and other programming. The City of Gloucester encourages artists working in all creative arts to apply. There are no media restrictions: all media and art forms will be considered. Media and artforms for public art projects might include but are not limited to: visual art; place-making, singular event (e.g., sculpture, multi-media, interactive, illumination, integrated); temporary or ephemeral installations (e.g., panels, light, etc); performance work of all kind (e.g., symphony, dance, theater, spectacle/action within the footprint, etc) static or roving; participatory works; transformation of surfaces or extant structures; projection; event-based work; and environmentally-based work.”


  • Many, many years ago I purchased a set of wonderful notecards of Rockport children’s illustrations depicting different aspects of the Rockport community and its traditions. After inquiring, I learned that these were expanded into large, framed panels and if I recall correctly, they were displayed in the elementary school. This is just to say that I hope local artists and/or school leaders would consider submitting a proposal for Gloucester which in some way involves the young people of the community. Just a thought from an outsider!


  • Thank you so much for your comment! It’s exciting to hear everyone’s take and thoughts about the public art. This would fit the criteria. The Committee for the Arts would welcome a submission for proposals like this. And you are not alone about speaking out about reaching out to young people!


  • Whoops–one more, thank you Joey and Good Morning Gloucester for helping to spread the word for the Committee for the Arts and this Public Art call here on the blog, on FB, tweets, pinterest. It’s awesome!


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